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Set:Whispers of the Old GodsWhispers of the Old Gods
Cost:7 Mana icon.png
Attack:7 Attack icon.png
Health:7 Health
Abilities:Battlecry, Deal damage, Modify cost
Wiki tags:Cost-related, Health-related, Spell-related
Artist:James Ryman
Battlecry: The next spell you cast this turn costs Health instead of Mana.
Flavor text

Even after all this time, Gul'dan still makes Cho'gall go get donuts and coffee.

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Cho'gall is a legendary warlock minion card, from the Whispers of the Old Gods set.

How to get[]

Cho'gall can be obtained through Whispers of the Old Gods card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Cho'gall 1600 400
Golden Cho'gall 3200 1600


This card's Battlecry creates a cost-modification enchantment attached to your player. This enchantment causes all your spells to cost damage instead of mana, but wears off as soon as you play a spell or at the end of your turn (whichever happens first). More precisely:

  • Cho'gall's Battlecry causes the next spell you cast that turn to reduce your hero's Health and/or Armor by an amount equal to the card's mana cost, instead of expending mana.
  • The mana costs of those cards are affected as usual by cost modification effects, and thus their "Health cost" is modified accordingly.[1]
Example: Playing Mortal Coil after the opponent has played Loatheb will deal 6 damage to you.
  • You must be Immune or have a combined Health and Armor total greater than the final mana cost of a spell in order to be allowed to cast it this way.[2][3]
    • Trying to cast a spell will otherwise result in an error message.[4]
    • Spell cards in your hand that can be played using Cho'gall's effect have their mana cost highlighted by red bubbles.
    • In particular, you cannot cast a spell using Cho'gall's effect if its mana cost is equal to your combined Health and Armor total, even if your hero would be healed back by the spell's effect (such as Siphon Soul).
    • However, if your hero is Immune you can cast a spell using Cho'gall's effect regardless of your Health+Armor total.[5]

A special visual effect reflects that a card's mana cost will now be exacted in Health

  • The card's mana cost is deducted from your hero's Armor and Health by creating and resolving a Damage Event before the spell takes effect.[6]
    • Despite the card's ambiguous wording, Cho'gall's effect deals damage to the controlling hero, thus affecting Armor (if any) before reducing the hero's Health.
    • The source of the Damage Event is Cho'gall's effect, not the affected spell, and thus bonuses from Spell Damage and Prophet Velen do not apply.
    • As usual, if the hero is Immune (for example due to Mal'Ganis or Violet Illusionist), the damage dealt by casting a spell affected by Cho'gall will be prevented: thus the spell will be cast without reducing either the hero's mana nor their Armor+Health total. In addition, an Immune hero can cast the spell even if its mana cost is greater than their Armor+Health total.[7]
    • Cursed Blade doubles the damage dealt by Cho'gall's effect, possibily killing the equipping hero.
Example: If a hero at 8 Health with Cursed Blade equipped plays Cho'gall, he or she can cast a 5-Cost spell such as Brawl (since the hero's Health is greater than 5), but Cursed Blade will double the damage to 10, killing the hero.
  • Once Cho'gall is played you cannot cancel the effect of its Battlecry, although it will expire at the end of the turn.
  • Playing an affected card will cost no mana. However, card text effects which consume mana are not altered.
Example: Playing Forbidden Ritual after Cho'gall will cost the player 0 Health (instead of 0 mana), and then consume all of the players' mana as usual in order to generate Icky Tentacles.
Example: Summoning Stone's effect will always summon a 0-Cost minion if you played Cho'gall before playing the spell, since no mana has been spent.[8] (This interaction may have changed in Patch (ONiK patch), as a user reports that the staff from Medivh, the Guardian gives you the full cost of the spell played after Cho'gall.[9])[verification requested]
  • Since the cost-modification enchantment is attached to your player, not your hero, it will not be cancelled if your hero is replaced by Ragnaros or Lord Jaraxxus.
  • The effects of multiple Cho'Galls and/or Bloodblooms do not stack: since they do not add a Health cost to the spell but simply replace the mana cost with an alternative cost, multiples are redundant. Moreover, all such effects wear off as soon as you play a single spell.
Example: If you have both Bloodbloom and Cho'Gall's effects active, you pay Health instead of mana for the next spell you cast that turn, then the effect ends. You do not get to do it for two spells in a row, and you don't pay Health twice.[10][11]


While Cho'gall's Battlecry is powerful on paper, he's held back by the limited selection of synergistic Warlock spells. Their single-target removal is rather low-powered and their board clear will damage your side of the board as well. Not to mention it will put a dent to the Warlock's Health pool, which they need to conserve.

The most useful Warlock spells to use with Cho'gall are Shadowflame for a devastating board clear that doesn't hurt your own board, Dark Bargain, Siphon Soul, or Blastcrystal Potion for hard removal, or Kara Kazham! to build your own board.

With Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Cho'gall has more opportunities to be useful. Getting a good Mage spell out of a Kabal Courier can be game changer and even the few potions from a Kabal Chemist can be situationally effective: for example, using Dragonfire Potion instead of Felfire Potion if you want to wipe the board but also conserve your Health. Kazakus Potions are also very powerful, and while the 10-Mana potions will bring you a third of the way to death, it doesn't matter if you can play Reno Jackson the next turn.


To his will all flesh succumbs! (What he said!)
Infinite night! (More!)


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Cho'gall (sometimes spelled Cho'Gall) was a powerful ogre mage, Initiate of the Fifth Circle of the Shadow Council, and Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer clan. Cho'gall managed to survive with remnants of his clan when Gul'dan was torn to shreds by demons during his quest to find the Eye of Sargeras toward the end of the Second War. Fleeing to Kalimdor and taking refuge within the ruined city of Ahn'Qiraj, Cho'gall's body became warped by the power of the Old God C'Thun.
With the return of Deathwing and the Shattering that followed in his wake, Cho'gall aligned himself and the Twilight's Hammer with the corrupted Aspect and his allies, the powerful Elemental Lords Al'Akir and Ragnaros, to help usher in the end times. Overseeing the cult's efforts from his citadel in the Twilight Highlands, Cho'gall was struck down by champions of Azeroth within his own throne room.

Cho is the name of the ogre's two-eyed right head (shown on the left), while Gall is the name of the one-eyed left head (shown on the right). Each speaks with its own voice and indeed has its own personality, the two at times even clashing over the actions to be taken by their one, shared body. Cho is generally held to be the primary personality, with Gall's in-game quotes often displayed in parentheses following Cho's lines; Gall often responds to Cho's quotes rather than speaking for himself. While Cho's voice is deep and powerful, Gall's is higher-pitched and more maniacal.

In Heroes of the Storm Cho has control over the ogre's massive body, while Gall is powerless but to be carried wherever Cho goes. While Cho therefore controls the body's brutish strength, Gall commands the majority of the pair's warlock powers.


  • While in Hearthstone, Cho is the one to say "To his will all flesh succumbs" and "Infinite night!" with Gall saying "What he said", this is actually a reversed version of the way the lines were spoken in the original World of Warcraft boss encounter; during the WoW encounter, Gall is the one to utter "To His will all flesh succumbs. From His kingdom, chaos comes!" as well as "Gone is the dawn! Come shades of Twilight. Come madness. Come havoc! Come Infinite Night!!", while Cho is the one to parrot the former line with "Yes - what he said."
  • Cho is voiced by Patrick Seitz, while Gall is voiced by Grant George.


Patch changes[]

  • Journey to Un'Goro logo.png Patch (2017-04-04): If your hero is Immune you can now cast a spell using Cho'gall's effect regardless of your Health+Armor total. Previously, even if you were Immune, you had to have a combined Health and Armor total greater than the final mana cost of a spell in order to be allowed to cast it using Cho'gall's effect.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo.png Patch (2016-04-24): Added.