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Chaos Strike
Spell school:Fel
Class:Demon HunterDemon Hunter
Cost:2 Mana icon.png
Abilities:Draw cards, Increment attribute
Artist:Zoltan Boros
Give your hero +2 Attack this turn. Draw a card.
Flavor text

"What do we want?" "CHAOS!" "When do we want it?" "WHEN LEAST EXPECTED!"

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For the boss card used by Azzinoth, see Chaos Strike (boss).

Chaos Strike is a demon hunter spell card, inducted into the Legacy set, formerly from the Basic set.

Other versions[]

How to get[]

Two copies of regular and golden Chaos Strike are automatically given after the player completes the Ranked's New player experience system, unlocking Wild and Classic format.

They are uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Core set[]

Two copies of regular Chaos Strike (Core) are obtained for raising demon hunter to level 1.

Two copies of golden Chaos Strike (Core) are obtained for winning 50 games as demon hunter.

Chaos Strike (Core) is uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Previous availability[]

Prior Year of the Gryphon's rotation on March 30, 2021:

  • Two copies of Chaos Strike were automatically included in all players' collections upon unlocking the Demon Hunter class.
  • Two Golden copies of Chaos Strike were a reward for raising a Demon Hunter to levels 34 and 36.


A source of removal and card cycling. Chaos Strike works well in combo decks to dig through the deck and remove enemy threats. It also works very well when buffing weapons such as Aldrachi Warblades and Flamereaper, extending their effects by an additional 2 damage.


Chaos Strike is a Havoc Demon Hunter ability that instantly slices a target in melee range for Chaos damage.


Chaos Strike, full art

Patch changes[]