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Cast spell is an ability that allows a card to cast a spell independently. The spell is both created and put into effect by the minion without paying the mana cost.

The ability in effect sees the minion casting a spell on behalf of the player. As a result, the spell is not considered to have been cast by the player for the purposes of triggers or game history - for example, it will not trigger LegacyMana Wyrm or count for One Night in KarazhanArcane Giant, nor will they trigger Outcast. However the spell's direct effects will still function from the player's perspective: a LegacyFlamestrike will target the opponent's board, LegacySoulfire will discard from the player's hand, and LegacyBlessing of Wisdom will cause the player to draw a card.

The player does not control the casting of spells produced by this ability. Behaviours for targeting depend on the card involved, with some having fixed targets and others choosing targets randomly each time.

Cast spell is the spell equivalent to the summon ability, which summons a new minion on behalf of the player without requiring the player to pay the mana cost.

This ability generally refers to casting copies of collectible spells or others that could be cast from the hand. Some cards like Journey to Un'GoroKalimos, Primal Lord describe their effects like casting spells, but do not actually behave like spells, for instance not being affected by Spell Damage.



For Wild format listings, see Cast spell/Wild format

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