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The subject of this article is part of Fractured in Alterac Valley, an upcoming expansion planned for release on December 7, 2021.
Caria Felsoul
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Set:Fractured in Alterac ValleyFractured in Alterac Valley
Class:Demon HunterDemon Hunter
Cost:6 Mana icon.png
Attack:6 Attack icon.png
Health:6 Health
Artist:James Ryman
Battlecry: Transform into a 6/6 copy of a Demon in your deck.
Flavor text

This is what happens when you keep taking the advice of the little demon on your shoulder.

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Battlecry, Transform, Set attack, Set health
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Caria Felsoul is a legendary demon hunter minion card, from the Fractured in Alterac Valley set.

How to get

Caria Felsoul can be obtained by:



Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Caria Felsoul was a night elf demon hunter and one of Illidan's most cunning pupils. Though held in regard as one of the most cunning and adept demon hunters of the Illidari Caria would ultimately turn against them by joining the Burning Legion, enticed by their promises of power. Impressed by her skill, Kil'jaeden granted her the famous Aldrachi Warblades. During the Battle for the Broken Shore, Caria was summoned by Gul'dan to the Tomb of Sargeras.
After Akama rejoined the Illidari, images of Caria and Varedis Felsoul appeared on the Fel Hammer and invited the demon hunters to join the Legion, though Varedis hoped they would refuse so he could kill them and get his warglaives back. The Illidari discovered that Caria and Varedis were on the Legion world of Niskara and invaded it with the Fel Hammer. With Kil'jaeden himself watching in amusement, Caria and Varedis were slain by their former comrades. Caria begged Kil'jaeden to save her as she died.


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