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Card sets are the major categories into which all collectible cards are divided into. Card sets reflect how collectible cards can be obtained, and they also determine whether collectible cards can be used in Standard format.

In Standard format, only the card sets from the first two Standard years are allowed for building decks. A card set rotation occurs every year at the beginning of April in which the card sets from the oldest Standard year are removed from Standard play. In Wild format, however, the other main game format, all card sets can be played.


As of Patch, there are 29 card sets, 5 in Standard format and 24 in Wild format.

Card sets
FormatCard setRelease dateTypeYearCollectibleBy rarity
StandardVoyage to the Sunken City - SVG logo.svgVoyage to the Sunken CityApril 12, 2022ExpansionHydra13550 Common/35 Rare/25 Epic/25 Legendary
StandardFractured in Alterac Valley - SVG logo.svgFractured in Alterac ValleyDecember 7, 2021ExpansionGryphon17066 Common/49 Rare/26 Epic/29 Legendary
StandardUnited in Stormwind - SVG logo.svgUnited in StormwindAugust 3, 2021ExpansionGryphon17066 Common/49 Rare/26 Epic/29 Legendary
StandardYear of the Hydra - SVG logo.svgCoreMarch 30, 2021250130 Common/55 Rare/29 Epic/36 Legendary
StandardForged in the Barrens - SVG logo.svgForged in the BarrensMarch 30, 2021ExpansionGryphon19778 Common/59 Rare/27 Epic/33 Legendary
WildHall of Fame - SVG logo.svgLEGACYMarch 30, 202117410 Common/10 Rare/5 Epic/6 Legendary
WildMadness at the Darkmoon Faire - SVG logo.svgMadness at the Darkmoon FaireNovember 17, 2020ExpansionPhoenix20586 Common/60 Rare/26 Epic/33 Legendary
WildScholomance Academy - SVG logo.svgScholomance AcademyAugust 6, 2020ExpansionPhoenix13552 Common/35 Rare/23 Epic/25 Legendary
WildDemon Hunter Initiate - SVG logo.svgDemon Hunter InitiateApril 7, 2020Dragon208 Common/6 Rare/4 Epic/2 Legendary
WildAshes of Outland - SVG logo.svgAshes of OutlandApril 7, 2020ExpansionPhoenix13552 Common/35 Rare/23 Epic/25 Legendary
WildGalakrond's Awakening - SVG logo.svgGalakrond's AwakeningJanuary 21, 2020AdventureDragon6126 Common/22 Rare/7 Epic/6 Legendary
WildDescent of Dragons - SVG logo.svgDescent of DragonsDecember 10, 2019ExpansionDragon14049 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/28 Legendary
WildSaviors of Uldum - SVG logo.svgSaviors of UldumAugust 6, 2019ExpansionDragon13549 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/23 Legendary
WildRise of Shadows - SVG logo.svgRise of ShadowsApril 9, 2019ExpansionDragon13649 Common/37 Rare/26 Epic/24 Legendary
WildRastakhan's Rumble - SVG logo.svgRastakhan's RumbleDecember 4, 2018ExpansionRaven13549 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/23 Legendary
WildThe Boomsday Project - SVG logo.svgThe Boomsday ProjectAugust 7, 2018ExpansionRaven13649 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/24 Legendary
WildThe Witchwood - SVG logo.svgThe WitchwoodApril 12, 2018ExpansionRaven13549 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/23 Legendary
WildKobolds and Catacombs - SVG logo.svgKobolds & CatacombsDecember 7, 2017ExpansionMammoth13549 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/23 Legendary
WildKnights of the Frozen Throne - SVG logo.svgKnights of the Frozen ThroneAugust 10, 2017ExpansionMammoth13549 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/23 Legendary
WildJourney to Un'Goro - SVG logo.svgJourney to Un'GoroApril 6, 2017ExpansionMammoth26694 Common/72 Rare/54 Epic/46 Legendary
WildMean Streets of Gadgetzan - SVG logo.svgMean Streets of GadgetzanDecember 1, 2016ExpansionKraken13249 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/20 Legendary
WildOne Night in Karazhan - SVG logo.svgOne Night in KarazhanAugust 11, 2016AdventureKraken4527 Common/12 Rare/1 Epic/5 Legendary
WildWhispers of the Old Gods - SVG logo.svgWhispers of the Old GodsApril 26, 2016ExpansionKraken13450 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/21 Legendary
WildLeague of Explorers - SVG logo.svgThe League of ExplorersNovember 12, 2015Adventure4525 Common/13 Rare/2 Epic/5 Legendary
WildThe Grand Tournament - SVG logo.svgThe Grand TournamentAugust 24, 2015Expansion13249 Common/36 Rare/27 Epic/20 Legendary
WildBlackrock Mountain - SVG logo.svgBlackrock MountainApril 2, 2015Adventure3115 Common/11 Rare/0 Epic/5 Legendary
WildGoblins vs Gnomes - SVG logo.svgGoblins vs GnomesDecember 8, 2014Expansion12340 Common/37 Rare/26 Epic/20 Legendary
WildCurse of Naxxramas - SVG logo.svgCurse of NaxxramasJuly 22, 2014Adventure3018 Common/4 Rare/2 Epic/6 Legendary
WildHall of Fame - SVG logo.svgEXPERT1March 14, 201424594 Common/81 Rare/37 Epic/33 Legendary

Release calendar[]

The following table shows the calendar release schedule for all card sets. The highlighted sets are in Standard format.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2014 Naxx* GvG
2015 BRM* TGT LoE*
2016 WOG Kara* MSG
2017 JUG KFT K&C
2019 RoS SoU DoD
2020 GA* AoO SA MDF
2021 DR# FitB WC# UiS DM# FAV
2022 OL# VSC

* Adventure

# Mini-set



The main distinction between card sets is whether its cards are usable in Standard format or in Wild format.

Card sets can also be divided into more specific categories:

  • Classic cards are the vast majority of the cards that were available to collect at the launch of Hearthstone, forming the initial core of the game together with the Basic cards. They too are indefinitely in Standard format.-->
  • Expansion cards are cards added through expansions - for example Goblins vs Gnomes, The Grand Tournament and Whispers of the Old Gods. Expansion cards released in the last two calendar years are part of Standard, while earlier cards are in Wild.
    • Mini-set cards are cards that are considered to be part of an existing expansion and can be obtained through that expansion's card packs, but were added later and have a different watermark. Mini-sets are not considered separated card sets.
  • Adventure cards are cards added through adventures, for example Curse of Naxxramas. Similar to expansion cards, they may be in Standard or Wild format based on the calendar year their adventures were released.
  • Card sets with no types are special card sets that were added in special cases:

The sets could alternatively be categorized by the way players obtain their cards.

  • Standard expansion cards can be found through card packs of the corresponding set, crafting, as Arena rewards, or from Ranked rewards.
  • Wild expansion and EXPERT1 cards are obtained through card packs of the corresponding set, purchased from the Shop.
  • Free LEGACY cards are uncraftable, but can be obtained after completing New player's ranked system.
  • Adventure cards are earned by completing the corresponding adventure, or crafting once that adventure rotates to Wild.
  • The rest of Legacy cards can only be obtained through crafting.

For the purposes of the wiki, further categories can be realized for uncollectible cards:

  • Boss cards are used to categorize cards used by bosses. While not collectible by players, they are encountered during play in Adventures and Tavern Brawls.
  • Tavern Brawl cards are used to categorize cards used exclusively in Tavern Brawl decks. These are not collectible and are not featured outside of Tavern Brawl.
  • Battlegrounds and Duels cards are used to categorize cards used exclusively in Battlegrounds and Duels.


Main article: Core

Core is the primary card set of Hearthstone. It was first made available on March 25th, 2021, shortly before Forged in the Barrens launched. It is the largest set in Standard format, featuring 235 cards.

The purpose of the Core is to provide a modern collection of starting cards to players of all types and make Hearthstone even more approachable for newcomers. Some of the Core cards return from previous sets, some are reimagined favorites, some are completely new. Regardless, all Core cards can be obtained for free through leveling up classes, while their golden cards can be obtained by winning in Ranked, Arena, or Duels games.

Unlike Basic and Classic, which were the main card sets of Hearthstone, Core is refreshed each year. At the end of every year, a new Core Set will take the place of the previous, comprised of new and existing cards. When that happens, Core cards that are rotating will be swapped with new ones in the player's Collection automatically. The original versions of these cards can still be crafted and disenchanted, but the player will be unable to keep their Core versions.[10][11]

Core cards can be used in Standard and Wild format, although you may still only have the normal number of copies of any given card in your deck (two for most rarities, one for legendaries).

Gan'arg Glaivesmith
Taelan Fordring
Arcane Devourer
Lord Jaraxxus


Legacy is a special Wild format card set implemented on March 25th, 2021. It is the largest set in the game, containing 412 cards. Legacy is made of cards from the former Basic, Classic, and Hall of Fame sets.

In the game data, Legacy is technically a representation name of two separate sets, coded as LEGACY and EXPERT1.

The true Legacy set contain these following cards:

All former Basic cards (except Demon Hunter cards), Reward cards, and Promo cards can also be used in Classic format, while the newly replacement cards and all Demon Hunter cards cannot, since they did not appear in 2014. True Legacy cards are all Free rarity.

Expert1 is a set that contain all the Classic cards in 2014, including Classic cards that were in Hall of Fame through time. In gameplay, Expert1 is represented as Legacy, the same name with the true Legacy set.

As a representation of the true original Classic cards, all Expert1 cards can also be used in Classic format.


Main article: Expansion

Card sets based on expansions are the largest sets after Core, usually bringing around 130-170 new collectible cards.

Cards from Standard format expansions can be obtained through:

Cards from Wild format expansions were once obtainable the same way, but now can only be obtained through crafting or purchasing card packs.[12] Neither individual cards nor card packs are offered as rewards in the Arena, nor do they feature in the Highest Rank Bonus chest. However card packs for Wild format expansions are available in the shop and any card packs already obtained can still be opened as usual. (See also Wild format#Availability.)

For information on specific expansion sets, see expansion pages, e.g., Whispers of the Old Gods.


Main article: Adventure

Card sets based on adventures are smaller than expansion sets, usually bringing around 30-45 new collectible cards.

Cards from Standard format adventures can only be obtained through defeating their corresponding adventure wing, which will grant regular copies of the card. Once the player has obtained the regular version, they can then be able to craft and disenchant both the regular and golden versions of that card.

Cards from Wild format adventures can still be obtained through defeating adventure wings, but can now be crafted and disenchanted regardless of whether the corresponding adventure wing was defeated or not.


Main article: Mini-set

Mini-sets are 35 card supplemental sets which continue the theme and mechanics of a previous expansion.

Mini-set cards can be obtained from their parent expansion's card packs, or through a bundle which includes all cards from the set. For the purpose of Achievements and progression, mini-set cards are considered part of their parent expansion, although they feature a slightly different watermark behind the card text to differentiate them.

As of Patch, there are currently 4 mini-sets in Hearthstone.

Mini-set statistics
Format Mini-set Card set Release date Year Collectible By rarity
StandardOnyxia's LairFractured in Alterac Valley - SVG logo.svgFractured in Alterac ValleyFebruary 15, 2022Gryphon3516 Common/14 Rare/1 Epic/4 Legendary
StandardDeadminesUnited in Stormwind - SVG logo.svgUnited in StormwindNovember 2, 2021Gryphon3516 Common/14 Rare/1 Epic/4 Legendary
StandardWailing CavernsForged in the Barrens - SVG logo.svgForged in the BarrensJune 3, 2021Gryphon3516 Common/14 Rare/1 Epic/4 Legendary
WildDarkmoon RacesMadness at the Darkmoon Faire - SVG logo.svgMadness at the Darkmoon FaireJanuary 21, 2021Phoenix3516 Common/14 Rare/1 Epic/4 Legendary

Removed sets[]


Reward cards were moved to the Hall of Fame set on April 4, 2017 with the start of the Year of the Mammoth, effectively closing the Reward set. Reward cards were formerly two cards, Old Murk-Eye and Captain's Parrot, both of which were originally earned through completing certain unique quests.

  • Old Murk-Eye was formerly rewarded for free upon collecting at least one of every Murloc in the Basic and Classic sets. Golden Old Murk-Eye was rewarded for free upon collecting at least one of every golden version of those cards.
  • Captain's Parrot was formerly rewarded for free upon collecting at least one of every Pirate in the Basic and Classic sets. Golden Captain's Parrot was rewarded for free upon collecting at least one of every golden version of those cards.

The associated quests have since been removed, and Reward cards are now obtained through regular crafting, like all Wild format cards. For a list of associated removed quests, see Quest#Removed.


Promo or Promotion cards were moved to the Hall of Fame set on April 4, 2017 with the start of the Year of the Mammoth, effectively closing the Promo set. Promo cards were special cards awarded as part of specific Blizzard promotions. The Promo set featured 11 cards, only 2 of which were collectible, namely Gelbin Mekkatorque and Elite Tauren Chieftain.

Golden Promo cards were formerly available to be obtained as part of their corresponding promotions; it is no longer possible to obtain these golden cards. Following their promotion periods, regular versions of these cards were uncraftable, but were later made available for crafting. Golden Promo cards cannot be disenchanted, but regular versions can. For the removed promotional quests that offered golden Promo cards, see Quest#No longer attainable.

Promo cards were created with a design in mind that they offered no substantial advantage to the owner, since the cards were exclusive and of limited availability. Rather, the cards were designed to bring more of an entertainment and RNG aspect into the game. This prevented Promo cards from becoming "must-have" cards for higher-level play.

Promo cards were notable for being the only card set not available in Arena picks.[13][14]


Main article: Basic

Basic was a large, freely available card set, with 150 cards, 133 of which were collectible. Many Basic cards were neutral, available to heroes of any class. There were also 10 Basic cards exclusive to each class. The Coin is also considered part of the Basic set. Because of the nature of the game system, Hero Powers and even heroes themselves are also categorized as Basic cards, but are not counted in this total.

All Basic cards were of free rarity, except for a few uncollectible cards that are common or have no rarity. All free cards are in the Basic set. "Basic cards" and "free cards" are therefore almost, but not exactly, synonymous. All Basic cards lacked the gem that normally indicates card rarity.

All neutral Basic cards were automatically included in players' collections. Five of the class-specific Basic cards were given to heroes as soon as they are unlocked; the other five are gained by advancing those classes in level. A new Basic card is granted for every two levels reached, up to level 10 in each class. All Basic cards are granted in pairs, enabling players to immediately include two of them in their deck if they so desire. Basic cards are uncraftable and therefore cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

A golden version of each Basic card could be obtained by leveling a specific class of hero to a certain level. Raising a hero of the correct class to the required level would 'unlock' the card, granting the player one copy of the golden version of that card. (The second golden copy of the same card is unlocked at a later level). Like the plain versions, golden versions cannot be crafted or disenchanted. While all class-specific golden Basic cards require a hero of the corresponding class to unlock, the required class for neutral cards varies.

The developers considered it important to keep cards from the Basic set relatively simple and their functions easy to understand.[15][16] This allows newer players to get to grips with the game's mechanics before being forced to grasp the subtleties of cards in the other sets. In at least one case this has caused the developers to significantly change the function of a card in development, due to new players finding the function's subtleties too confusing.[17]

The common rarity originally applied to approximately half of collectible Basic cards, identifying class cards that had to be unlocked by leveling up, and neutral cards that were not available until after the tutorial (with one exception, Goldshire Footman). However, the Year of the Mammoth changed these to be uniformly free. Among uncollectible Basic cards, common rarity still indicates tokens created by other cards, free rarity is used on cards created by Hero Powers, and The Coin and Excess Mana have no rarity at all.

In the Year of the Gryphon, the Basic set was removed from the game, and its cards were moved to the Wild-restricted Legacy set. The Basic set still retains its original functionality in Classic format.


Main article: Classic (2014-2021)

Classic (formerly known as Expert) was the largest card set, with 294 cards, 240 of which were collectible. It featured 135 collectible class cards (15 for each class) and 105 collectible neutral cards. Classic cards could be recognized by the distinctive "Hearthstone swirl" behind the card text, not found on other cards.

As the larger and more advanced of the two "permanent" sets included in Standard format, Classic cards frequently featured as core cards in successful decks, and the developers constantly monitor the set's power to ensure it does not form too large a proportion of decklists, thus causing the meta to become excessively stale. As of early 2017 the Classic set is "the most powerful set by a wide margin".[18]

Classic cards could be common, rare, epic or legendary.

In the Year of the Gryphon, the Classic set was renamed to Legacy. Most of its cards were moved to the Wild-restricted Legacy/Expert1 set.

Hall of Fame[]

Main article: Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame was a special Wild format card set, created on April 4, 2017 just before the start of the Year of the Mammoth. The set contained several collectible cards.

Cards were inducted into the Hall of Fame from the Classic, Reward, and Promo sets. Problematic, frequently-played, and design-hindering cards were moved to the Hall of Fame to remove them from Standard format. Cards were also moved to the Hall of Fame to eliminate the Reward and Promo sets. The developers state that, in the future, they will more likely move problematic Classic cards to the Hall of Fame, whereas problematic cards from other sets will be nerfed instead.[19]

According to Yong Woo, if a metagame largely consists of decks with too similar cores and ideas, the development team will consider making changes to problematic cards found in such decks. Moving problematic cards into the Hall of Fame is one way in which a fresh meta can be ensured; however, it is not something that the designers plan to do on a regular basis.[20]

Being Wild format cards, Hall of Fame cards could only be obtained through crafting.[21] When cards were moved to the Hall of Fame set, they would be removed from their previous sets, and would no longer appear in card packs or be offered as rewards in the Arena, Highest Rank Bonus chest, or Heroic Brawliseum.[22]

In the Year of the Gryphon, the Hall of Fame set was removed from the game, and its cards were moved to the Wild-restricted Legacy set or returned to their home set in the case of the cards from The Witchwood.

Wild Event[]

Main article: Wild Event

Wild Event was a promotional card set that existed from October 8th, 2019 until December 5th, 2019. It consisted of 23 collectible cards, 5 neutral and two for each class. Wild Event cards were extra copies of notable Wild format cards given to each player for free, and were usable in Standard format. These cards could not be crafted or disenchanted, and had no Golden versions.

All Wild Event cards were removed from the game at the end of the event.

Patch changes[]

See also: Patches


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