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Captain Hooktusk
53224 • TRLA_202h
TRLA 202h.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
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Set:Rastakhan's RumbleRastakhan's Rumble
Health:10 Health
Artist:Matt Dixon
Those who say her cheating goes over[d]board soon follow suit.
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For the minion card of the same name, see Captain Hooktusk

Captain Hooktusk is a boss that can be encountered during the Rumble Run, if the player has not choosen one of the Rogue Shrines.

Hero powers[]

Dagger Mastery

Special card[]

Parrot Mascot
Lobstrok Tastetester
Raging Contender


Challenge 1-2
Shrine Total cards Class Possible cards
Bottled Terror
10; 15 Rogue Serrated Tooth
Bloodsail Howler
Defias Ringleader
One-eyed Cheat
Raiding Party
Shady Dealer
Southsea Squidface
Cursed Castaway
Neutral Patches the Pirate
Southsea Deckhand
Sharkfin Fan
Ship's Cannon
Southsea Captain
Captain Greenskin

Challenge 3-5
Shrine Total cards Challenge 4-5
Class Card Quantity
Treasure from Below
17; 29; 30 Rogue Swashburglar 2
Bloodsail Howler 2
One-eyed Cheat 2
Southsea Squidface 2
Spectral Cutlass 2
Walk the Plank 2
Ethereal Peddler 2
Gral, the Shark 1
Cannon Barrage 2
Raging Contender* 1
Tess Greymane 1
Neutral Southsea Deckhand 2
Sharkfin Fan 2
Ship's Cannon 2
Nightmare Amalgam 2
Southsea Captain 2
Captain Greenskin 1

Challenge 6-8
Shrine Total cards Class Card Quantity
Pirate's Mark
30 Rogue Backstab 2
Counterfeit Coin 2
Betrayal 1
Cheap Shot 2
Cutpurse 2
Eviscerate 1
Beneath the Grounds 2
Fan of Knives 2
Parrot Mascot 1
Shadow Strike 2
Academic Espionage 2
Lilian Voss 1
Lobstrok Tastetester 1
Tomb Pillager 2
Raging Contender 1
Neutral Bloodmage Thalnos 1
Questing Adventurer 2
Azure Drake 2
Malygos 1




Captain Hooktusk
I'll fight fair. Dis time. Promise!

Emote Response

Captain Hooktusk
Greetings - I t'ink we're gonna get along swimmingly.
Well Played - Eh, de crowd liked it.
Thanks - No worries, pay it forward.
Threaten - Bwa-haha! Oh... you were serious.
Oops - We all make mistakes. Some worse than others.
Wow - Now dat's a feat.
Sorry - No need to apologize.

Shrine is destroyed

Captain Hooktusk
It was just a distraction anyways.
Sink me!
You think dat's a good idea?

Shrine is restored

Captain Hooktusk
Ah, we're back in de game boys.
It's back already! Good luck.
What goes around... comes back.

Destroys a shrine of Player

Captain Hooktusk
Hook, line, and sinker.
No shrine is too sacred to defile.
Watch your back as you pick up de pieces.
Water against fire. An unfortunate matchup for you. (vs. Mage)

Effects of Shrines

Bottled Terror
De jig is up!
It's time for an ambush!
They're onto us boys!
Treasure from Below
I'll take dat.
You play with these cards? Seriously?
Pirate's Mark
Are you seeing double?
I'll just take another one...
Turns out I AM a two-timer.

Boss cards

A backstabber if ever I saw one.
Ah, me trusty crew! Watch out for dat one.
We're in good company.
Patches the Pirate
I'm still in charrrge!
One-Eyed Cheat
Gotta love a good cheat.
I make my own rules.
Time to do a little shopping.
Raiding Party
Time ta' earn ya' keep boys!
Shady Dealer
He's got de real best deals.
Spirit of the Shark
Behold de fury of de sea!
Walk the Plank
Walk de plank!
Gral, the Shark
There's blood in de water. Ya betta swim fast.


Captain Hooktusk
Down with de ship...


Captain Hooktusk
De odds were against you. I made sure of it.


Type Emote
Introduction I'll fight fair. Dis time. Promise!
Greetings Ahoy dere!
Well Played Not bad for a landlubber.
Thanks Aww, ya shouldn't have.
Threaten Dis gonna' be a feedin' frenzy.
Oops Uh oh!
Wow Color me impressed!
Sorry I may have gone overboard.
Concede I never lose, I just choose not to win!


Hooktusk is unique to Hearthstone. An elusive troll pirate and notorious cheater,[1] she serves as the champion of Gral's Sharks, the swashbuckling rogue team in Rastakhan's Rumble.

This charming and flashy pirate has come ashore to claim her share of glory in the Rumble, and she’ll lie, cheat, and steal to get it! Rogues who choose Captain Hooktusk as their champion will find that she rarely goes anywhere without her loyal crew.[2]
Gral was not a subtle Loa. When he wanted something, he went for it, full force. He was a natural match for Captain Hooktusk and the bloodthirsty band of buccaneers she called a Rumble team. When it came to the Sharks, ruthless was a euphemism. They never played by the rules. Sometimes they’d even make up rules just for the pleasure of breaking them. Just before they broke their opponents.[3]


Against Bottled Terror, just go for face. Don't help Hooktusk buff her own minions. Against Treasure from Below, quickly destroy the 2-Health Shrine and either control or go for face, depending on your deck. If it is Challenge 5 and you are controlling, watch out for Raging Contender.

Against Pirate's Mark, since most of Hooktusk's spells are damaging, just make sure to have a supply of spells at hand, and don't trust your minions. If you somehow obtain an Elusive minion, it will be very valuable.


Captain Hooktusk, full art


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