Cannonmaster Smythe

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Cannonmaster Smythe
Cannonmaster Smythe(487631).png
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Cannonmaster Smythe(487631) Gold.png
Set: Forged in the Barrens
Type: Minion
Class: Paladin
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 5 Mana icon.png
Attack: 4 Attack icon.png
Health: 4 Health
Abilities: Battlecry, Copy, Destroy, Summon
Tags: Deathrattle-generating, Secret-related
Artist: Arthur Bozonnet

Battlecry: Transform your Secrets into 3/3 Soldiers. They transform back when they die.

"Smythe, it's been a real blast serving the Alliance with you."

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Cannonmaster Smythe is a legendary paladin minion card, from the Forged in the Barrens set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Cannonmaster Smythe can be obtained through Forged in the Barrens card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Cannonmaster Smythe 1600 400
Golden Cannonmaster Smythe 3200 1600

Summoned minions[edit | edit source]

Northwatch Soldier(487680).png

Notes[edit | edit source]

Enchantment Secrecy tells the owner which Secret it will transform into

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

▶️<Music stinger>
▶️The only language they speak is war. And I'm fluent.
▶️Keep those cannons hot!
▶️<death sound>

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Cannoneer Smythe is a human found at Northwatch Hold in the Southern Barrens. He is located near the shore bank, alongside the other cannoneers. It is unknown whether he survived the razing of Northwatch Hold.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Cannonmaster Smythe, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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