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"Can't attack" can refer to two different abilities that restrict the combat options for a character but are not denoted by keywords like Freeze or Taunt:

  • Can't attack is an ability that prevents a minion to be chosen as the attacker during an Attack action. However, some of these minions (Silithid Swarmer, Argent Watchman, Eerie Statue) can suppress the inability to attack under specific circumstances, allowing them to attack.
  • Can't attack heroes is an ability that prevents a character to have a hero chosen as the defender during an Attack action. If it has a combination with Charge, that card will act as Rush. This inability can be temporary (lasting for a turn only) or permanent.


  • Most cards that force minions to attack (Ex. Flark's Boom-Zooka, Mass Hysteria) can cause "Can't Attack" minions to attack, despite being unable to otherwise.
    • Notably, Duel! is the only card with this effect that cannot force minions with "Can't Attack" to attack.


While "Can't Attack" minions are functionally useless, they are extremely mana efficient. Putting out a 2 mana 4/5 on the board on round two can be potentially be threatening and gives you good board presence.

There are many decks that revolve around the use of "Can't Attack" minions, the main one being Silence Priest. Playing minions such as Ironbeak Owl, or Spellbreaker and silencing the "Can't Attack" minion allows the "Can't Attack" minion to attack (provided you gave the minion a turn to get ready). To less experienced players these cards are also seen as low priority for removal, giving you a chance to silence the minion and attack with it.

Cards with "Can't attack"[]

This section lists minions which can't attack permanently or based on a fact.

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TSC 065.png
EX1 045.png
AT 109.png
BOT 098.png
DAL 434.png
CORE UNG 844.png
UNG 844.png
BAR 076.png
SW 057.png
OG 034.png
BAR 075.png
LOE 107.png
YOP 002.png
LOOT 048.png
GIL 156.png
LOOT 365.png
GIL 152.png
EX1 298.png

Cards with "Can't attack heroes"[]

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LOOT 044.png
SW 314.png
SCH 138.png
KAR 028.png
UNG 099.png
BT 734.png
AT 125.png