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Burgrak Cruelchain
Flavor text

Our heroes hijack a demolisher to continue their journey.

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Burgrak Cruelchain is the second boss encounter in Chapter 2: To the Black Temple of Trial by Felfire Story. The player controls Aranna Starseeker.

Unlike most fights, Burgrak is immune and a special win condition must be fulfilled.

Hero Powers[]

Grease Monkey(211267).png

Player's hero[]

Aranna Starseeker(211234).png
The Right Tool(211235).png

Special cards[]


Broken Demolisher(211268).png


Natural Leader(211375).png
Sklibb, Outcast(211239).png
Baduu, Outcast(211238).png
Karnuk, Outcast(211241).png
Shalja, Outcast(211243).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Burgrak Cruelchain Aranna Starseeker
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Druid Mech-Bear-Cat 1 Hunter Helboar 1
Mulchmuncher 1 Augmented Porcupine 2
Hunter Cybertech Chip 1 Flanking Strike 2
Oblivitron 1 Rogue Spymistress 2
Boommaster Flark 1 Ashtongue Slayer 2
Mage Goblin Blastmage 1 Biteweed 2
Priest Upgraded Repair Bot 2 Cheat Death 2
Warlock Fel Cannon 4 Dirty Tricks 1
Warrior Supercollider 1 Edwin VanCleef 1
Iron Juggernaut 1 SI:7 Agent 2
Neutral Stonesplinter Trogg 2 Neutral Arcane Anomaly 1
Acolyte of Pain 1 Mana Addict 2
Eydis Darkbane 1 Questing Adventurer 2
Fjola Lightbane 1 Burrowing Scorpid 2
SN1P-SN4P 1 Red Mana Wyrm 1
Burly Rockjaw Trogg 1 Toshley 1
Explodinator 1
Mechanical Yeti 2
Burgly Bully 2
Spiked Hogrider 1
Gadgetzan Auctioneer 1
Gazlowe 1
Troggzor the Earthinator 1



In a desperate bid to repair and hijack a Broken Demolisher, Aranna and company go toe to toe with Burgrak in this unique encounter. Unlike previous bosses, the fel orc mechanic has no Health, meaning he cannot be killed. To win, the player must cast 12 Spare Parts and Burgrak's Hero Power grants both players a Spare Part each time any Mech dies.

In the early game, gaining board control should be the player's first priority. Make good use of your early game minions like Spymistress or SI:7 Agent to take care of the 2 Bonechewer Brawlers and contest the board. When you're able to contest the board, try and use any Spare Parts towards building a big minion like Questing Adventurer or Edwin VanCleef.

Having a big minion in play allows for more favourable trades and better board control. From that point on, simply continue to maintain board control as you wait for Burgrak to play more Mechs to generate enough Spare Parts to complete this encounter.


Before match

Illidan Stormrage
Our daring outcasts, now a team, Hatch a bold but desperate scheme...


Aranna Starseeker
There! That demolisher. We should be able to take it.
Burgrak Cruelchain
Take what now? Hey! Don't touch that!

Turn 1

Aranna Starseeker
Don't focus on beating him, focus on fixing that Demolisher!

Emote Response

Burgrak Cruelchain
You ain't even gonna slow me down.

Hero Power

Burgrak Cruelchain
At least it's good for parts...
Hunk o' junk!
Scrap it!
This one's still got some good bolts!


Burgrak Cruelchain
I'm getting' revved up for a fight! Let's move!
(sniffs) Smells like... oil and fel fire. I love it!
<Motorcycle/car engine sounds>

Boss cards

Burgrak Cruelchain
Get lost!
I had a LOT of spare stuff lyin' around... so I built this!
Spiked Hogrider
Hey! Nice ride!
Upgraded Repair Bot
Get to work, chump!
Whoa yeah! Comin' at ya!
Troggzor the Earthinator
Chew 'em up!

Player's cards

Burgrak Cruelchain
Cute pig! Ya tame it yourself?
Dirty Tricks reveals
Aw, c'mon. Play fair!
Burrowing Scorpid
Whoa whoa! A scorpid! Get that away from me!
Sklibb, Outcast
Get that little fungus away from my gears!
6 Spare Parts are cast
Hey, wait! What're you doing with that demolisher?!

Outcasts are played

Baduu, Outcast
We've got time. Let's stay calm.
Karnuk, Outcast
Hand over those wheels, brother!
Shalja, Outcast
This feels like a terrible plan, Aranna...


Burgrak Cruelchain
Wait, ya fixed it? Nice! Hey, where you goin'? Come back!
Aranna Starseeker
The demolisher's ready. Let's get going!
Baduu, Outcast
Onward - to the Black Temple!


Burgrak Cruelchain is original to Hearthstone. He is a fel orc.

Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Fel orcs (or blood orcs) are corrupted orcs created by the continual consumption of pit lord blood, which has caused them to be completely consumed by madness and bloodlust. Most could be found in Outland as members of the Fel Horde, loyal to the Illidari. After the alternate Gul'dan took control of the Iron Horde and bound it to the Burning Legion, many orcs of the alternate Draenor became fel orcs as well.
The fel orcs were originally created by the former ruler of Outland, Magtheridon. When Illidan Stormrage overthrew him, he took control of his Fel Horde and imprisoned the pit lord, using his blood to produce more fel orcs. They are easily distinguishable from regular orcs by their red skin, glowing red eyes, longer tusks and the spiky growths all over their body. The alternate Draenor fel orcs are the result of orcs drinking the blood of Mannoroth and have similar features to the Outland ones, albeit with black and grey skin and glowing green eyes instead of red.


Burgrak Cruelchain, full art

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