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Boss cards are cards unique to boss encounters. They may be made available to the player, or limited to the boss itself, but are not available outside of their respective encounters. Most boss cards belong to a single encounter, while others feature in several.

With most boss encounters involving unique mechanics and boss behaviours, it is no surprise that many boss cards are designed to interact with these, and are often instrumental to defeating the boss in question. Not available in regular play, boss cards are free from the constraints of the balancing required for playable cards, and often feature outlandish powers and effects.

The links below provide comprehensive lists of all bosses, boss Hero Powers and boss cards seen in each set of encounters.


For a list of boss cards from the tutorial, see Tutorial boss cards.

Mukla's Big Brother(404).png
Hidden Gnome(387).png
Flames of Azzinoth(349).png
Crazy Monkey(393).png

Curse of Naxxramas[]

For a list of boss cards from the Curse of Naxxramas adventure, see Naxxramas boss cards.

Sir Zeliek(7883).png
Web Wrap(7835).png
Frozen Champion(7805).png
Hateful Strike(7775).png
Mr. Bigglesworth(7818).png

Blackrock Mountain[]

For a list of boss cards from the Blackrock Mountain adventure, see Blackrock Mountain boss cards.

Moira Bronzebeard(14486).png
True Form(14575).png
Son of the Flame(14581).png
Living Bomb(14500).png
Power of the Firelord(14484).png

The League of Explorers[]

For a list of boss cards from the The League of Explorers adventure, see The League of Explorers boss cards.

Wish for More Wishes(27313).png
Staff of Origination(27468).png

One Night in Karazhan[]

For a list of boss cards from the One Night in Karazhan adventure, see One Night in Karazhan boss cards.

Archmage's Insight(42093).png
White Queen(42250).png
Flame Wreath(42177).png

Knights of the Frozen Throne[]

For a list of boss cards from the Knights of the Frozen Throne mission, see Knights of the Frozen Throne boss cards.

Blood Tap(63110).png
Block of Ice(63123).png
Bone Storm(63138).png
Fallen Champions(63156).png
Vampiric Bite(63130).png

Kobolds and Catacombs[]

For a list of boss cards from the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run, see Kobolds and Catacombs boss cards.

King Togwaggle(77345).png
Boots of Haste(77177).png
Giant Rat(77253).png
Captured Flag(77197).png
Shifting Hourglass(77202).png

The Witchwood[]

For a list of boss cards from the The Witchwood Monster Hunt, see Monster Hunt boss cards.

Chaos Theory(368878).png
Shallow Graves(89693).png
Cult of the Wolf(89528).png
First Aid Kit(89521).png

Puzzle Lab[]

For a list of boss cards from the The Boomsday Project Puzzle Lab, see Puzzle Lab boss cards.

Back-up Plan(89974).png
Battery Pack(89958).png
Cosmic Projection(89971).png
Spud M.E.(89957).png

The Dalaran Heist[]

For a list of boss cards from the Rise of Shadows The Dalaran Heist, see The Dalaran Heist boss cards.

Dagwik Stickytoe(91089).png
EVIL Propaganda(91054).png
Togwaggle's Dice(91117).png

Tombs of Terror[]

For a list of boss cards from the Saviors of Uldum Tombs of Terror, see Tombs of Terror boss cards.

Anomaly - Whirling Winds(92467).png
Crook and Flail(92300).png
Jr. Excavator(92316).png
Well Equipped(92786).png

Galakrond's Awakening[]

For a list of boss cards from the Galakrond's Awakening adventure, see Galakrond's Awakening boss cards.

Boom Barrage(184731).png
Dragonslayer's Greatbow(184826).png
Snow Elemental(184840).png
Sr. Camel(184849).png
Upgraded Cannon(184866).png

Ashes of Outland[]

For a list of boss cards from the Ashes of Outland Demon Hunter Prologue and Trial by Felfire, see Demon Hunter Prologue boss cards and Trial by Felfire boss cards.

Chaos Nova(211160).png
Dark Unstable Energy(211177).png
Natural Leader(211375).png
Shadow of Death(211413).png
Slayer of the Mighty(211406).png

Book of Heroes []

For a list of boss cards from the Book of Heroes see Book of Heroes boss cards.

Axe Toss(339761).png
Warsong Commander(389337).png
Warsong Axe(389336).png
Maim Blackhand(339743).png