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Board space refers to the number of available slots for cards to remain in play at a time. There are three areas where cards can remain in play: the board, where minions exist; the hero portrait, where certain spells exist; and the weapon slot (opposite to the Hero Power), where weapons exist.

Each player is allowed seven minions, a combination of five Secrets, Quests, and Sidequests, and one weapon.


  • Minions cannot be played from hand when a player's board is full, nor can spells that merely summon minions.
    • Spells that summon minions in addition to other effects can be played.
  • If a minion would be summoned but the board is full, nothing happens. It will neither enter play nor be destroyed.
  • Using a Mind control effect such as LegacyShadow Madness, LegacyMind Control Tech, or LegacySylvanas Windrunner when you have a full board kills the minion instead of taking it. Playing a mind control spell with six minions on your board, one of which summons a minion "whenever you cast a spell," such as LegacyViolet Teacher, causes the triggered friendly minion to summon a minion, after which the enemy minion targeted by your spell dies.
  • A magnetic minion cannot be magnetized to another minion on a full board.
  • Minions can appear to occupy more than seven spaces while processing long animations, such as multiple Shudderwocks with summoning Battlecries played quickly in the same turn. This is purely visual - any extra minions are not actually in play yet and cannot be affected by any cards.
  • Only one of each unique spell can be in play at a time. You will be unable to play any duplicate cards.
    • If a duplicate spell is forced into play by cards such as Rise of ShadowsArchmage Vargoth or Rastakhan's RumbleZul'jin, it will be revealed to your opponent but not enter play. In the case of Rise of ShadowsUnseen Saboteur, it will also be removed from the hand.
  • Only one Quest is allowed in play at a time.
  • Equipping a weapon while you have one equipped already will destroy the currently-equipped weapon, triggering its Deathrattle and replacing it with the newly played card.

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