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Bloodscalp Strategist
Bloodscalp Strategist
Golden Bloodscalp Strategist
Set:Rastakhan's RumbleRastakhan's Rumble
Cost:3 Mana icon.png
Attack:2 Attack icon.png
Health:4 Health
Abilities:Battlecry, Discover
Wiki tags:Spell-generating, Weapon-related
Artist:Gonzalo Ordonez
Battlecry: If you have a weapon equipped, Discover a spell.
Flavor text

“Shoot them in the face” is more of a tactic than a strategy.

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Bloodscalp Strategist is a rare hunter minion card, from the Rastakhan's Rumble set.

How to get[]

Bloodscalp Strategist can be obtained through Rastakhan's Rumble card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Bloodscalp Strategist 100 20
Golden Bloodscalp Strategist 800 100


Bloodscalp Strategist allows you to choose the right spell based on your current situation. It also lets you play more than two copies of a powerful spell in the same game, which is difficult for your opponent to play around as well.

Bloodscalp Strategist can also be played on curve with Headhunter's Hatchet.




Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
The Bloodscalp are a tribe (or a clan) of jungle trolls that split off from the Gurubashi Empire after the defeat of Hakkar the Soulflayer. The various tribes claimed territories in the vast jungles of Stranglethorn Vale but quickly began fighting one another.
The Bloodscalp tribe has since settled in the northwest of Stranglethorn and to this day the Bloodscalp fight off all interlopers, including the nearby Skullsplitter tribe, in order to hold onto the land they have taken. Bloodscalps have nothing but contempt for the Darkspear tribe, which is the only tribe of jungle trolls to have joined the Horde.


Bloodscalp Strategist, full art

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