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Blood of The Ancient One
38567 • OG_173
OG 173.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
OG 173 Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:Whispers of the Old GodsWhispers of the Old Gods
Cost:9 Mana icon.png
Attack:9 Attack icon.png
Health:9 Health
Artist:A.J. Nazzaro
If you control two of these at the end of your turn, merge them into 'The Ancient One'.
Flavor text

Add two cups of Blood of the Ancient One to one cup of lemon juice. Add just a dash of sugar and stir. Delicious!

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Destroy, Summon
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Blood of The Ancient One is an epic neutral minion card, from the Whispers of the Old Gods set.

How to get[]

Auto-detected sources
Card packs
Whispers of the Old Gods Pack
Wild Pack
Regular, Golden1~2
Crafting400 dustdustRegular1
Crafting1600 dustdustGolden1

Summoned minions[]

The Ancient One


  • Despite the ambiguity of the word "merge", the successful activation of this minion's triggered effect simply results in the Blood of The Ancient Ones being immediately destroyed using a Forced Death Phase, and Whispers of the Old GodsThe Ancient One being summoned. All usual related effects will activate normally from this, such as LegacyCult Master, Deathrattles and LegacyKnife Juggler.[1]
  • At the end of the controlling player's turn, if they have two Blood of The Ancient Ones, they will be destroyed and The Ancient One will be summoned.[2][3][4] If the player has more than two, one The Ancient One will be summoned for each two Bloods - spare Bloods will not be affected.[5] With multiple pairs of Bloods, multiple The Ancient Ones can be summoned.[6][7]
  • Because each Blood of The Ancient One has the same triggered effect, if a player has two or more Bloods on their board, in order to prevent the process from taking place each Blood would need to be Silenced.[8][9] This makes Silence an ineffective way of trying to prevent the summoning of The Ancient One.
  • The Ancient One will not gain enchantments or properties from the generating Blood of The Ancient Ones, including Stealth.[10]
  • Additional copies of Blood of The Ancient One introduced during the end of turn phase (such as by Whispers of the Old GodsY'Shaarj, Rage Unbound), will be included in any subsequent checks to see if there are enough Bloods on the board to summon The Ancient One.[11] However, Bloods summoned by end of turn effects like Y'Shaarj will not activate their effects that turn. This makes order of play important.
    • Example: a player first summons a Blood of The Ancient One and then (such as on a later turn) summons Y'Shaarj, with only a Blood of The Ancient One remaining in their deck. At the end of the turn the Blood activates first, finds no other friendly Bloods on the board, and fails to take effect. The Y'Shaarj then activates and puts the remaining Blood into the battlefield; its effect does not activate that turn.
    • Example: a player summons Y'Shaarj, with only two Blood of The Ancient One in their deck. At the end of the first turn Y'Shaarj activates and puts a Blood into play. At the end of the second turn, Y'Shaarj activates and puts the second Blood into play, then the first Blood activates, finds the second Blood, and merges both Bloods into The Ancient One.
  • A golden Ancient One is only summoned if both generating Blood of The Ancient Ones are golden.[12]
  • Blood of the Ancient One's ability is not affected by Knights of the Frozen ThroneDrakkari Enchanter.
    • Example: Four Blood of the Ancient Ones are on the player's board with a Drakkari Enchanter, with no other minions on the board. At the end of the turn, only two The Ancient Ones are summoned.[13]


Blood of the Ancient One is close to a win condition in itself. However, getting both Bloods onto the board at the same time may present a challenge, largely due to the card's 9 mana cost and likely targeting by enemy players.

Cost reduction effects like Blackrock MountainEmperor Thaurissan can help, as can extra mana from sources such as LegacyInnervate, Scholomance AcademyLightning Bloom and CoreThe Coin (at least in combination with cost reduction effects). Put into battlefield effects can be extremely helpful, such as Whispers of the Old GodsY'Shaarj, Rage Unbound, The Grand TournamentVarian Wrynn, or One Night in KarazhanBarnes. If cost reduction cannot be achieved satisfactorily then hiding it behind a large Taunt is a good alternative. Copy effects like LegacyFaceless Manipulator and Blackrock MountainGang Up can be helpful in providing extra chances to summon The Ancient One. Whispers of the Old GodsHerald Volazj is especially effective; if played with a single Blood of The Ancient One on your board, The Ancient One will be summoned at the end of your turn, almost making Volazj a substitute Blood. Another noteworthy synergy is the Rogue's Whispers of the Old GodsShadowcaster, which will create a 1-mana 1/1 copy of an already existing Blood that can easily be used to summon The Ancient One. Kobolds & CatacombsSonya Shadowdancer can be used to exploit the forced death phase and get you a extreme amount of The Ancient ones.

Despite its 30/30 stats, don't forget that a simple LegacyHex, LegacyPolymorph or Goblins vs GnomesSabotage can effortlessly remove your The Ancient One, while an The League of ExplorersEntomb or worse LegacyMind Control can turn it against you. Due to the destruction of the Bloods in its creation process, and the effort required to pull off the combo, this can leave the player in very poor position if the opponent has a good counter.

Because The Ancient One is summoned at the end of the turn, the opponent has a full turn to counter it before the player can use it to attack. Conversely, the opponent cannot directly stop the player from summoning The Ancient One, other than through Secrets, except by removing Bloods whenever they see them. With cost reduction effects or cards like Varian Wrynn, two Bloods can be put into action in a single turn, making it impossible for the opponent to prevent The Ancient One's summoning.

Many Priest cards can preform such strategies, with cards like The Boomsday ProjectZerek's Cloning Gallery and Journey to Un'GoroMirage Caller.




The Old Gods, even while chained beneath the crust of Azeroth, led massive armies and empowered fearsome generals. Whispers of the Old GodsThe Ancient One was vanquished long ago, but it's hard to keep the minions of the Old Gods down, and with enough of its blood, you can herald the return of the Old Gods' greatest creation![14]

The Ancient One resembles the old god Y'Shaarj, and the old god's minions like the Descent of DragonsMindflayer Kaahrj within the Twilight hammers cult found inside the Ulduar raid protecting Yogg'saron's chamber, and the K'thir under N'zoth within Kul'tiras. The Ancient General itself, however, is unique to Hearthstone. It is described as "one of the generals of the Old Gods".[15]

It is not uncommon for the blood of powerful beings, such as LegacyDeathwing, G'huun or Y'Shaarj, to take on a form of semi-sentience on their own by forming into mobile slime creatures. The Blood of The Ancient One appears to be consistent with this theme and resembles the card "Madness at the Darkmoon FaireBlood of G'huun".


  • Ben Brode explains that Blood of The Ancient One was created "to give players who like crazy deckbuilding challenges a chance to see if they could get off a truly crazy combo. ... We also knew we wanted massive horrible monsters in Whispers of the Old Gods, and trying to find a way to include a 30/30 minion was a fun challenge for us."[14]
  • As of Kobolds and Catacombs, The Ancient One is the largest minion in the game, with the nearest competitors being Kobolds & CatacombsThe Darkness, Saviors of UldumHighkeeper Ra and LegacyDeathwing, with the latter holding the record since the game's release. When asked how he felt about creating such a mammoth minion, Brode replied "Pretty good and pretty scared."[14]
  • A popular meme in the Hearthstone community based off Darkkmane's "A Glorious Guide to Hearthstone" involves the Ancient One.[16]


Blood of The Ancient One, full art

Patch changes[]


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