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Tavern Brawl - promo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Tavern Brawl game mode.

Blackrock Crash.png
"Dalaran crashed into Blackrock Mountain! Take control of an E.V.I.L. boss and dungeon crawl your way out! How fast can you beat Blackrock Mountain!?

Blackrock Crash is a Tavern Brawl. It debuted on July 10, 2019.

This Brawl celebrates the Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. event, and is played exclusively on the Blackrock Mountain battlefield.


Tavern Brawl Start End Notes
213 July 10, 2019 July 17, 2019 There were a number of rewards available after certain conditions were met:
214 July 17, 2019 July 24, 2019 Week 2 of the brawl adds a fifth hero, Rafaam, and two more rewards:

In addition, the rewards for finishing a run in 60 or 40 minutes were still available for players who had not done this in Week 1.


This single-player Brawl sees players navigating through Blackrock Mountain as one of four playable heroes: Hagatha, Dr. Boom, Madame Lazul and King Togwaggle. In the second week, a fifth hero is added, Rafaam.

It is similar to the Dungeon Run mode, and the encounters mirror those from the Blackrock Mountain adventure, with the exception of Blackrock MountainNefarian and LegacyRagnaros the Firelord.

Note: Because this is a Tavern Brawl, games played in this mode do count towards completing daily quests, even though the games are not played against other humans.


  • The objective of Blackrock Crash is to defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty to win the run.
  • The player begins with a collection of ten cards, consisting of different cards for each class.
  • The player starts on 15 Health, and gains additional Health per defeated boss, up to 40 Health for the eighth, and final boss.
  • After rounds 1 and 5, the player receives a Passive buff, selected from one of three random passive buffs from the pool of Passives.
  • These passives give a permanent effect to the player for the rest of the run. These are applied at the start of the match, meaning some buffs that affect cards will not affect cards added to your hand or deck later in the game.
  • After rounds 3 and 7, the player receives a Treasure card, selected from one of three random cards from the pool of Treasure cards. These are very powerful cards, and often have low mana costs.
  • After each round, the player is offered three bundles of three cards each. The player can only select one of these three bundles. This allows the player to increase their deck size in tandem with the boss' decks increasing in size.
  • Should a game end in a tie, the player will be given the chance to try the round again.
  • The player always goes first. The enemy also does not get CoreThe Coin.


Hero Hero Power Notes
King Togwaggle Yoink!: "Add a random card to your hand (from another class)." (2 Mana)
Dr. Boom Overmine: "Shuffle two Bombs into your opponent's deck." (1 Mana)
Madame Lazul Rise of ShadowsSoothe: "Give a minion -2 Attack until your next turn." (1 Mana)
Hagatha Rise of ShadowsEvolution: "Transform a friendly minion into one that costs (1) more." (2 Mana) Hagatha starts with: Rise of ShadowsStargazing: "You can use your Hero Power twice each turn. It costs (1) less." (Passive)
Rafaam Arch-Villainy: "Steal a card from your opponent's deck. If it's a minion, summon it." (2 Mana)

Starting Cards[]

Upon starting a fresh run, a player is given a deck of 10 cards. These decks are always the same for that class. Each deck runs one copy of each of the cards in the below lists.

King Togwaggle
Bag of Coins
The League of ExplorersPit Snake
One Night in KarazhanSwashburglar
Greedy Pickaxe
Rise of ShadowsUnderbelly Fence
The WitchwoodBlink Fox
Rise of ShadowsEVIL Miscreant
Rise of ShadowsHench-Clan Burglar
Rise of ShadowsVendetta
Dr. Boom
Rise of ShadowsImprove Morale
Whispers of the Old GodsN'Zoth's First Mate
Rise of ShadowsVicious Scraphound
The Boomsday ProjectAugmented Elekk
The Grand TournamentBash
Whispers of the Old GodsBloodsail Cultist
Dr. Boom's Boombox
The Boomsday ProjectExplodinator
Madame Lazul
Rise of ShadowsForbidden Words
Journey to Un'GoroCrystalline Oracle
Amulet of Domination
Rise of ShadowsEVIL Conscripter
LegacyMind Blast
Journey to Un'GoroShadow Visions
Knights of the Frozen ThroneAcolyte of Agony
The Grand TournamentShadowfiend
LegacyTwilight Drake
Rise of ShadowsUnsleeping Soul
LegacyEarth Shock
Rise of ShadowsSludge Slurper
The League of ExplorersTunnel Trogg
Knights of the Frozen ThroneBrrrloc
LegacyRockbiter Weapon
LegacyFeral Spirit
LegacyUnbound Elemental
Rise of ShadowsDuplatransmogrifier
Blackrock MountainFireguard Destroyer
Whispers of the Old GodsMaster of Evolution
Gloves of Mugging
Whispers of the Old GodsPossessed Villager
The League of ExplorersDark Peddler
Rise of ShadowsEVIL Genius
Mean Streets of GadgetzanBloodfury Potion
Blackrock MountainImp Gang Boss
Rise of ShadowsMaster Scheme
Rise of ShadowsEager Underling
Knights of the Frozen ThroneDespicable Dreadlord


Boss Encountered in Round Hero Power Notes
first last
Blackrock MountainHighlord Omokk 1 ME SMASH: "Destroy a random damaged enemy minion." (1 Mana)
Baron Geddon 2 Ignite Mana: "Deal 5 damage to the enemy hero if they have any unspent Mana." (0 Mana)
Blackrock MountainOmnotron Defense System 3 Activate Arcanotron: "Activate Arcanotron!" (2 Mana, autocast)
Blackrock MountainGarr 4 Magma Pulse: "Deal 1 damage to all minions." (1 Mana, autocast) Starts with seven Firesworn in play.
Blackrock MountainAtramedes 5 Echolocate: "Equip a weapon that grows as your opponent plays cards." (1 Mana)
Nefarian 6 Wild Magic: "Put a random spell from your opponent's class into your hand. (1 Mana, autocast) Mimics his setup from the Showdown at Blackrock Mountain Brawl.
Blackrock MountainVaelastrasz the Corrupt 7 Essence of the Red: Each player draws 2 cards. (0 Mana, autocast)
Ragnaros the Firelord 8
  • Molten Rage: Summon a 5/1 Magma Rager. (2 Mana) (before Sulfuras' Deathrattle)
  • DIE, INSECT: Deal 8 damage to random enemy. (2 Mana) (after Sulfuras' Deathrattle)
Mimics his setup from the Showdown at Blackrock Mountain Brawl.


The first time a player enters the Brawl, Rise of ShadowsArch-Villain Rafaam and Rise of ShadowsBlastmaster Boom will briefly exchange some dialogue:

Rafaam: How did we crash into A MOUNTAIN!? Seriously?
Boom: Hey! Runnin' into a mountain isn't an art, it's a SCIENCE!