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Blackrock Blademaster
Flavor text

The defeated orcs have grown in strength again and are kidnapping human villagers!

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Blackrock Blademaster is the fifth boss in Paladin's Book of Heroes adventure.

Hero Power[]

Blade Tempest(389428).png

Player's hero[]

Uther Lightbringer(389478).png
Equip Lightbringer(389482).png

Special cards[]


Mirage Blade(90800).png
Blackrock Raider(389425).png
Bloodclaw Dragon(389429).png
Ravenous Drake(389465).png


Hammer of the Lightbringer(389458).png
Libram of Holiness(389455).png
Lordaeron Attendant(339649).png
Libram of Wisdom(339648).png
Unbroken Faith(389476).png
Prince Arthas(389423).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Blackrock Blademaster Uther Lightbringer
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Mirage Blade 2 Boss Libram of Holiness 2
Blackrock Raider 2 Lordaeron Attendant 2
Bloodclaw Dragon 2 Libram of Wisdom 2
Ravenous Drake 2 Unbroken Faith 2
Rogue Backstab 2 Prince Arthas 1
Deadly Poison 2 Paladin Brazen Zealot 2
Sap 2 Air Raid 2
Hooked Scimitar 2 Goody Two-Shields 2
Self-Sharpening Sword 2 Paragon of Light 2
Warrior Inner Rage 2 Steward of Darkshire 2
Whirlwind 2 Consecration 2
Revenge 2 Amber Watcher 2
Neutral Bloodsail Corsair 2 Quartermaster 2
Injured Blademaster 2 Crystal Lion 2
Frenzied Felwing 2 Guardian of Kings 1
Libram of Hope 2



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Before match

Uther Lightbringer (present)
Over the years, King Terenas entrusted the tutelage of his son, Prince Arthas, to me.
I was not as young as I used to be, but helping that boy grow into a fine young man kept me going, same as ever.
When the orcs started causing trouble again, we were quick to answer.


Uther Lightbringer
Surrender the villagers, Blademaster!
Blackrock Blademaster
I have other uses for them.
Uther Lightbringer
Not on my watch!

Emote Response

Blackrock Blademaster
You have not seen what we have.

Hero Power

Blackrock Blademaster
Embrace the storm!
My blade seeks vengeance.
The warlocks demand sacrifices!


Blackrock Blademaster
Let this appease our demon masters!
Soon, demons will rain from the sky, and this wretched world will burn!
We will never surrender.

Turn 2

Prince Arthas
Let's get in there and destroy the beasts!
Uther Lightbringer
Remember, Arthas, we are paladins. Vengeance cannot be a part of what we do.
If we allow our passions to turn to bloodlust, then we will become as vile as the orcs.

Turn 4

Prince Arthas
Slay the orcs! Slay them all!
Uther Lightbringer
Weren't you listening to me? (sigh)

Turn 7

Uther Lightbringer
You're a good lad, just a bit hot-headed. Think before you act.
Prince Arthas
If I'm already good, why do I have to think?
Uther Lightbringer
Because I said so!


Uther Lightbringer
We've done well, lad. This was a sound victory.
Prince Arthas
I don't know, Uther. Those orcs were trying to summon demons...
Uther Lightbringer
Have faith. We defeated their demons a long time ago. There's nothing left of them.


Blackrock Blademaster
Every sacrifice strengthens our masters' return...


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
The Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan was an orc leader of the Blackrock clan. He was in charge of communicating with his clan's demon masters.
During the Third War the Blackrock clan invaded Strahnbrad and the prince Arthas Menethil proceeded to defend the town, while the paladin Uther the Lightbringer went to attack the Blackrock Camp. During the defense of the town the orcs sent prisoners to the Blackrock clan where the Blademaster of the Blackrock clan was located. After Arthas killed the Slave Master he moved on to Uther's base, who was waiting for two knights that were sent to parley with the Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan, but the blademaster killed the knights and sent just the horses in return.
The Blademaster then sent orcs and jungle trolls to invade Uther's base. After some time he used the Mirror Image ability and sent his image to speak with Uther, he told him that the warlocks of the Blackrock clan had spoken and that the demons would rain from the sky and that the world would burn. Uther attacked the image but realized that it was an illusion. Meanwhile the real Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan sacrificed the captured prisoners to appease his demon masters.
Arthas was angered by the Blademaster's actions and commanded his troops to slay the blademaster, before he had a chance to communicate with the Burning Legion. After a battle, Arthas destroyed the orc encampment and killed the Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan. In the end, it was a sound victory and the orcs were defeated but still active. With the Blademaster dead, the Alliance went home and many orcs were still alive and led by Jubei'Thos.


Blackrock Blademaster, full art

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