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This page lists cards with card art depicting birds.

For other beasts, see Beast art.


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Many species of birds can be found on the worlds of Azeroth, Outland and Draenor. They mostly fall under the categories of carrion birds and birds of prey. Many other kinds of birds exist as pets and critters like turkeys and parrots.
Among the Explorers' League, there are those who believe that birds are descended from dinosaurs such as an extinct type of raptor that had feathered arms. The feathers suggest some kind of missing link between the two different kinds of animals.


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ICC 023.png
DRG 071t.png
EX1 009.png
GVG 092t.png
CS3 037.png
KAR 300.png
TRL 506.png
UNG 912.png
TSC 647.png
CS2 169.png
NEW1 016.png
YOD 001t.png
LOOT 170.png
CS2 237.png
DRG 071.png
DMF 086e.png
DRG 088.png
BRM 010t2.png
CS2 203.png
DAL 163.png
BGS 078 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 135 Battlegrounds.png
PVPDR YOP HunterT1.png
ULD 167.png
GVG 071.png
DED 008.png
YOD 038t.png
DED 501.png
GIL 664.png
UNG 801.png
DED 515.png
PVPDR DMF Warriort2.png
OG 152.png
AV 704.png
DMF 060.png

Bird art[]

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BT 735t.png
AT 029.png
DRG 107.png
YOP 021.png
BAR 536t2.png
GVG 025.png
UNG 027.png
YOD 001.png
YOD 001ts.png
TRL 319.png
YOD 001c.png
YOD 001b.png
AV 205pb.png
SCH 160.png
AT 083.png
DRG 060.png
BRM 010b.png
SW 079.png
BAR 720.png
AV 292.png
EX1 539.png
TRL 339.png
ULD 229.png
DMF 086.png
GIL 212.png
TRL 405.png
DMF 190.png
PVPDR YOP PaladinT1.png
UNG 084.png
YOP 006.png
TRL 533.png
YOP 009.png
OG 267.png
BT 735.png
YOP 026.png
KAR 037.png
DMF 064.png
DMF 064t.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt11.png
BOT 544.png
ONY 009.png
SCH 244.png
AV 205.png
UNG 027t2.png
TRL 316.png
AT 070.png
DMF 104t.png
DMF 104.png
AV 336.png
UNG 027t4.png