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Saviors of Uldum's Tombs of Terror.

Bazaar Bob
Flavor text

The friendliest face you could hope to meet in a plague-ridden desert.

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Bazaar Bob is a paladin hero who appears in the Tombs of Terror single-player solo adventure, similar to Bartender Bob in The Dalaran Heist. He greets the player in one of his many taverns just after the third and fifth boss rounds of each run, during which the player can take a rest from their exciting journey of adventure and be able to modify and strengthen their deck for future battles, alongside the merriment of some stories and various dishes of good food.

Additionally, these encounters count towards the "Win x games in any mode" quest.

Friendly Encounter[]

Modify your deck!

Between rounds 3 and 4 and rounds 5 and 6, the player will enter a Friendly Encounter with Bazaar Bob. During a Friendly Encounter, 4 of your minions in your deck will be placed on your side of the board, and 4 random minions will be placed on Bob's side of the board. The player will receive 3-5 cards that can modify their Adventure Deck, such as adding or removing minions on the board or permanently buffing a specific card.

Between rounds 3 and 4, the player has 2 "Gold" (mana) to spend. Between rounds 5 and 6, the player has 3.

Tavern cards[]

You're All Fired!(91207).png
Good Food(91199).png
Recruit a Veteran(91204).png
Right Hand Man(91200).png
Round of Drinks(91202).png
Take a Chance(91197).png
Tall Tales(91211).png
Tell a Story(91205).png
The Gang's All Here!(91208).png
The Upper Hand(91213).png
Hiring Replacements(92427).png
Party of Four(92431).png
Explorer Retraining(92340).png
Fast Food(92432).png
Friendly Smith(92429).png
Pack Mule(92318).png
Study Break(92428).png
Do the Math(92437).png
Work, Work!(92434).png

VIP Membership[]

VIP Membership(92307).png

If the player has VIP Membership in their deck, the number of minions on both sides of the board is increased to 7. The player will also receive 9 cards and 6-7 coins to modify their Adventure deck.

The player also has chance to get these exclusive cards:

Tea Time(92420).png
Upgraded Pack Mule(92325).png
House Special(92436).png

Tavern names[]

Bazaar Bob has many taverns with different names:

  • Baubles & Bottles
  • Bittertide Hydration
  • Dive in the Dunes
  • Drinks on Sphinx
  • Dunes N' Spoons
  • Just Deserts
  • Pharaoh's Row
  • Shirdley Temple
  • Slurp & Sands
  • The Food Pyramid
  • The Obelisk and Crocolisk
  • The Rude Sandstorm
  • The Rusty Sarcophagus
  • Three Dishes
  • Wondrous Wisdom Bar


Bazaar Bob


Well, hello there! Happy to help you in these trying times.
I don't mind this whole traveling merchant thing. It's kinda quaint!
They call it the Lost City, but, hey, you found me! (in Chapter 1)
It is awful hot out here. Come into my tent! (in Chapter 2)
We've got warm food and good company in this... haunted tomb. (in Chapter 3)
Wowee, this place is huge! Need a hand, friend? (in Chapter 4)
Hey there, big guy. The usual? (with Reno)
Elise! What a delight seeing you here. (with Elise)
Hey Finley, just got that tea you asked for. On the house! (with Sir Finley)
Keep the pets outside this time, won't you Brann? (with Brann)

Emote Response

I like your style.


Maybe I shouldn't have helped those folks in Dalaran...
Someday we'll go back to Dalaran.
Well this technically isn't really a bazaar! I just liked the name.
Well, you live and learn, eh friends?
What exactly is going on in this desert?


Careful out there!
Don't go falling into any giant sinkholes, alright?
Take care, was good seeing you!
Thanks for your patronage! It means a lot.
Look out for the mummies. They're... not friendly! (in Chapter 3)

Player's cards

Let's figure out what you need.
Not to your liking? Alright then.
Okay, okay. Let's try something else.
Aw, sorry to see that one go.
I trust you know what's best here, friend!
Makes sense. Sometimes less is more!
Ashes to ashes is what I always say.
That wasn't doing much for you, nice choice.
You didn't need that anyway!
You're All Fired!
Don't get rowdy, now. Get going.
Okay, everyone out in a single file line, please.
You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!
Good Food
Eat up!
It's hard to find food this good out here, isn't it?
You gotta stay healthy now, food's not easy to find.
Hope that works out for both of you!
Looking for new talent? Nice.
Oh, the League hiring? Good to hear!
Recruit a Veteran
Hiring an expert, I like your style.
That one knows their stuff.
You sure know how to pick 'em.
Right Hand Man
Friends that explore together, stay together, am I right?
Good to see you're making friends.
Wouldn't mind that one by my side.
Round of Drinks
Alright, they're all with you, then!
That's a tough looking crowd, best of luck to you!
You're buying then? Sounds good to me.
Take a Chance
Nothing wrong with rolling the dice!
Sure, why not?
You never know, right?
Tall Tales
Not sure if even I believe that.
That is quite the tale. Do you believe it?
Truth really is stranger than fiction, huh?
Tell a Story
If you heard it here, it's probably true.
Lots to learn from that story.
You can catch a lot of good tips if you know who to listen to.
The Gang's All Here!
Well if three's a crowd, four is practically an army!
Well you can't have too much of a good thing.
You know what you like, I respect that.
Do the Math
Up for a challenge, huh?
You've got grit, huh friend?
House Special
Got something special for ya today!


  • The tavern name "The Rude Sandstorm" is a reference to the 2000 song "Sandstorm" by Darude.


Bazaar Bob, full art

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