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This content is only for Battlegrounds.
Nightmare Amalgam
BG removed tavern minion
Minion type:All
Attack:3 Attack icon.png
Health:4 Health
Wiki tags:None
Artist:Andrew Hou
This has all minion types.
Flavor text

Be all that you can be.

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The subject of this article has been removed from Hearthstone.
  • The in-game information in this article is kept purely for historical purposes.

Nightmare Amalgam was a Tier 2 minion in the Battlegrounds game mode.

There was no separated golden version of Nightmare Amalgam.


Nightmare Amalgam was a highly flexible minion that benefitted from every buff in the game, and was applicable to nearly every strategy if you grab this minion early enough.

It could be employed to fill for missing tribal synergies to make the most out of Lightfang Enforcer and Queen Wagtoggle's hero power. As such, it was a crucial minion for battlecry strategies that revolved around Brann Bronzebeard, and spending rounds buying and selling various battlecry buff minions.

Nightmare Amalgam always benefitted from The Rat King's hero power.

Towards the end game if you had two Nightmare Amalgams with poisonous and divine shield, it was generally not advisable to merge them into a golden copy.


  • At the time of its removal Nightmare Amalgam was one of only two minions that could receive buffs intended for dragons such as Menagerie Magician and Zoobot since proper dragons had not been implemented yet. The other was Amalgam.


This content needs an update.
A newer Hearthstone patch,, has been released. This content/statement needs revision to be up to date with this patch.
Latest revision:
  • Despite being removed from Battlegrounds, Nightmare Amalgam will still be offered in the mode's tutorial. It is displayed with no tavern tier, and if bought, the tutorial will soft-lock and cannot progress further.


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