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This content is only for Battlegrounds.

Naga is a minion type in Battlegrounds, introduced in Patch

Naga minions have extensive access to spell-synergy and exclusive keyword: Spellcraft. The more spells are played when Nagas are present, the bigger they are.

Naga pool[]


These heroes have their Hero Power synergized with Naga and might not be available in a game without Naga.

NameHealthHP nameCostHero Power description
Queen Azshara 40 Azshara's Ambition 0 Passive. When your warband reaches 30 total Attack, begin your Naga Conquest.
Battlegrounds heroes
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NameMinion typeTierAtkHealthDescription
Mini-Myrmidon Naga 1 1 3 Spellcraft: Give a minion +2 Attack until next turn.
Shell Collector Naga 1 3 1 Battlecry: Add a Gold Coin to your hand.
Deep-Sea Angler Naga 2 2 2 Spellcraft: Give a minion +3 Health and Taunt until next turn.
Lava Lurker Naga 2 2 4 The first Spellcraft spell cast on this each turn is permanent.
Snail Cavalry Naga 2 4 2 Once per Turn: After you cast a spell, gain +2 Health.
Pashmar the Vengeful Naga 3 4 5 Avenge (3): Get a Spellcraft spell of your Tier or lower.
Shoal Commander Naga 3 2 2 Spellcraft: Give a minion +1/+1 for each friendly Naga until next turn.
Eelbound Archer Naga 4 4 4 Spellcraft: Give a minion +8 Attack until next turn.
Eventide Brute Naga 4 5 4 After you cast a spell, gain +1/+1.
Waverider Naga 4 2 8 Spellcraft: Give a minion +2/+2 and Windfury until next turn.
Corrupted Myrmidon Naga 5 3 3 Start of Combat: Double this minion's stats.
Critter Wrangler Naga 5 5 7 After you cast a Spellcraft spell on a minion, give it +2/+2.
Glowscale Naga 5 4 6 Taunt Spellcraft: Give a minion Divine Shield until next turn.
Stormscale Siren Naga 5 6 5 At the end of your turn, you cast your Spellcraft  minions' spells on them.
Orgozoa, the Tender General 6 3 7 Spellcraft: Discover a Naga.
Tidemistress Athissa Naga 6 7 8 After you cast a spell, give three friendly Naga +1/+1.
Battlegrounds minions
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