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Cargo Query Error: Error: No field named "cycles" found for any of the specified database tables. Maexxna is a Tier 6 minion in the Battlegrounds game mode.

Other versions[]

Battlegrounds Golden
Maexxna(BG2) Battlegrounds.png


Maexxna is one of two minions in Battlegrounds that starts with Poisonous, the other being Deadly Spore, allowing her to kill any one minion on the opponent's board. This card can be extremely valuable if your upcoming opponent is known to have a powerful minion you can't easily trade against, such as an Annihilan Battlemaster, and you don't have easy access to any other Poisonous effects. Maexxna's high tier makes it harder to stack buffs on her, but she can fit well in Goldrinn builds that splash its buffs on her to make Maexxna harder to kill. Maexxna is a great filler minion to end on just for the Poisonous effect.

While Maexxna's 2/8 body is not significantly larger than Deadly Spore's 1/1 body in the late game, Maexxna's Beast type allows it access to a wider variety of buffs, including Houndmaster, Menagerie Mug and Lightfang Enforcer. Most notable is Reanimating Rattler, which allows Maexxna to survive two attacks.

Maexxna can also serve as a counter to Zapp Slywick, as she has low Attack and just enough health to survive an attack from Zapp.


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