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Holy Mackerel was a Tier 6 minion in the Battlegrounds game mode.

There was no separate golden version of Holy Mackerel.


  • The Divine Shields were not checked and gained immediately, but before Death Phase instead. So when two shielded Mackerels were hit by a Cave Hydra, both Shields would be regenerated.


Holy Mackerel had a powerful effect in Divine Shield-focused builds, able to upkeep Divine Shield at a level that even Cobalt Guardian could not compete with. As a murloc, even if it appeared late, it scaled well and could become Poisonous and start off with Divine Shield with Toxfin or Gentle Megasaur. It was also great at buffing Drakonid Enforcer and Bolvar, Fireblood. With a board full of Divine Shield minions and Taunt it became an impenetrable wall that could take several hits and live. Two Holy Mackerels could give each other Divine Shield back and forth, which lasted until the opponent killed one of them, while also rendering Unstable Ghoul as a counter useless, since both Holy Mackerels were giving each other Divine Shield after its Deathrattle resolves.

One thing to note is that giving it Windfury from Gentle Megasaur was undesirable, since it would not have a Divine Shield on the second attack.



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