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This content is only for Battlegrounds.
59687 • BGS_008
BG tavern minion
Minion type:Beast
Tavern Tier:6 Star.png
Attack:7 Attack icon.png
Health:7 Health
Artist:Jim Nelson
Deathrattle: Summon 2 random Deathrattle minions.
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Deathrattle, Random, Summon
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For the boss card version, see Ghastcoiler.

Ghastcoiler is a Tier 6 minion in the Battlegrounds game mode.


  • This is a separated entity of Ghastcoiler.
    • This version can only summon Battlegrounds tavern minions with Deathrattle.

Summoned minions[]

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Ghastcoiler is a strong source of in-battle reinforcements in the late game, creating two additional Deathrattle minions to fight. As Battlegrounds includes a number of Deathrattle minions that summon more minions in turn, this can result in a surprisingly large amount of extra damage, however Ghastcoiler is also reliant on RNG as Deathrattle minions can range from the weak Fiendish Servant to the powerful Sneed's Old Shredder. As such, Ghastcoiler can be a decent option for filling out the rotating Battlecry slot of most compositions in the late game.

Place this minion near the right of your board so that it will have room to spawn minions. Baron Rivendare doubles the number of minions summoned from Ghastcoiler's Deathrattle, not only putting a substantial amount of stats on the board but also potentially giving a lot of extra face damage if it dies at the end of the round. Rivendare can double the Deathrattles of the summoned minions as well.

Place this minion near the left of your board for beast (Goldrinn), dragon (Nadina the Red), or murloc builds (Sneed's old Shredder into King Bagurgle) so that deathrattles like Nadina the Red, Spawn of N'zoth, Goldrinn and Selfless Hero have more available targets. For mech builds, try to put ghastcoiler near the right, so that if Kangor's Apprentice is summoned, other mechs die first.


  • Ghastcoiler is the first Battlegrounds minion who debuted in a Solo Adventure, Rumble Run. At the time of its debut, the other minions were either collectible cards or exclusive to the Battlegrounds mode.


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