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The battlefield (or game board) is where the action takes place, representing the board on which each game is played out. Around the battlefield are various important UI elements, such as each player's hand, deck and Mana Crystals, as well as the two heroes themselves. Each battlefield features its own design with numerous interactive elements which produce fun animations and sound effects when clicked on. Gameplay is in no way affected or determined by the battlefield, except for the one exception, Transfer Student. Battlefields are chosen at random and are independent of the heroes chosen by players or used by the Innkeeper.

There are currently twenty-eight battlefields: Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Pandaria, Stranglethorn, Naxxramas, Goblins vs Gnomes, Blackrock Mountain, the Grand Tournament, Excavation Site, The Museum, Whispers of the Old Gods, Karazhan, Gadgetzan, Un'Goro, Icecrown Citadel, The Catacombs, The Witchwood, Dr Boom's Lab, Gurubashi Arena, Dalaran, Uldum Tombs, Uldum City, Dragonblight, Outland, Scholomance, Darkmoon Faire, The Barrens, and United in Stormwind. There are also four special battlefields, used only during seasonal events. New battlefields are added regularly, alongside the release of new content.

With the exception of the original four battlefields, each is associated with a particular expansion or adventure, and depicts elements from that setting. Battlefields associated with adventures also feature unique music, used exclusively when playing on those battlefields, and not heard when playing on others. All other battlefields share a common pool of music tracks.

Every year when card sets are rotated out into Wild, each battlefield associated with a rotated expansion also rotates out of use from Standard format matches. The original four battlefields do not rotate. Tavern brawls that allow the use of Wild card sets can take place on any battlefield, Standard or Wild.

The term board is also used to refer to each player's current array of minions. Players may "clear the board" by removing all enemy minions, or fight for control of the board by attempting to achieve minion dominance.




Your hero is displayed near the bottom of the battlefield, while your opponent's is displayed near the top. To the right of your hero is displayed your Hero Power, and in the lower-right corner you can find your Mana Crystals. Your hand is displayed on the bottom of the field and your opponent's hand is displayed on the top side. The last few actions taken in the game are displayed on the left of the battlefield in the history, while each player's deck can be found to the right of the battlefield. Any minions in play are found in the centre of the battlefield.

While the player is shown at the bottom of the battlefield and their opponent at the top, each player in fact separately views the battlefield from the same position, and is always shown on their own screen playing from the bottom. The battlefield itself is in effect an illusion, allowing each player to experience a standard view of the board each time they play. At no point does a player find themselves playing from the top of the screen, or find the battlefield oriented such that they are playing from the opposite side to that shown to their opponent. The placement of minions is also preserved between players' screens; placing a minion on the left of the player's screen will also place it on the left of the opponent's screen, despite the apparent rotation of perspective. Both players do however view the same battlefield within any given match.[1]

Design and development[]

The Stormwind battlefield, viewed at "an angle you shouldn't see it at!"[2]

Hearthstone originally featured only four battlefields - Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Pandaria and Stranglethorn Vale. A fifth battlefield, Naxxramas, was added as part of the Curse of Naxxramas adventure in July 2014, originally only available while playing the adventure, but brought into the main rotation in October of that year. A sixth was released as part of Goblins vs Gnomes in December 2014, and this pattern continued with Blackrock Mountain and The Grand Tournament. Various battlefields were tried during the game's development, including Blackrock Mountain and Dalaran. Earlier versions also show the current player as the "red" hero and the opponent the "blue" hero, while the reverse of this was eventually implemented.

The game's battlefields are created by using projected textures on 3D models.[3] Paintings created by Ben Thompson and Jomaro Kindred are given to John Zwicker, who then maps them onto 3D models created using the Maya image editing software.[4][5] The Grand Tournament battlefield was painted by Jomaro Kindred.[6] The models themselves are slanted and 'deformed', in order to accept lighting and cast shadows, as well as to create the angled viewpoint from which the gameboard is seen.[7][8] However, the top of the board is far more deformed than the bottom.[9]

During the game's alpha, Hearthstone had a "graveyard", a location where played cards and destroyed minions would be placed when they were removed from the game. This feature was later removed, but the skull icons next to each player's deck still indicate its previous location on the battlefield.[10] Earlier versions of the graveyard can also be seen in some images of the game's alpha battlefield designs.

The boards' bonus features or "clickables" are created by John Zwicker, with assistance from technical artists Kyle Harrison and Becca Abel.[11][12]

Bonus features[]

The corners of each battlefield feature special interactive features, bringing the battlefield to life and providing entertainment and distraction for the player during the opponent's turn. Interacting with these features using the mouse may produce a range of visual and audio effects, as well as resulting in temporary or permanent changes to the battlefield. Examples of these include catapults which can be loaded and fired at the opponent, dragon eggs which can be broken to release whelps, and gardens which can be watered and harvested.

These features are purely cosmetic, and do not affect gameplay in any way. Also, as each player views their own version of the battlefield, any interactions with the board made by the player will not affect their opponent's board, and will not be visible to them.

Some features involve complex interactions with other features, while others provide simple visual/audio effects. Most features can be interacted with endlessly, but some have a finite number of uses, after that becoming 'broken' and non-interactive, or else irreversibly changing function. All battleground features are reset at the start of each match, with no permanent changes.

For full listings of interactive features, see below.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Battlefields released with adventures are used for all matches within the adventure, and initially only available when playing that adventure. They are usually added into the main rotation some time after the full release of the adventure.
  • While all screen layouts are adjusted for non-desktop platforms such as phones, the battlefields are substantially changed, with the top left and bottom right corners removed entirely to make room for the players' hands. As a result, phone versions only feature half the bonus features found on the original battlefields.
  • The Stormwind map is currently the most frequently used location, with two different versions in play at any given time, and three different versions in total.
  • The names of the battlefields given below are not displayed anywhere in game, but are listed in one of the game's XML files.
  • Transfer Student was the first card to change its effect based on the Battlefield. Its addition also means Battlefields are no longer cosmetic.


Stormwind is one of the original four battlefields, available since the game's alpha. The battlefield features a nesting gryphon, as well as an inn, clock tower and cathedral.

Battlefield - Stormwind.jpg


Stormwind is the capital city of the Alliance, and home of the humans. Just to the north of the lush green lands of Elwynn Forest in the Eastern Kingdoms, the city has a long and troubled history. One of the last great human cities left on Azeroth, Stormwind was destroyed by the orcish invasion during the First War, but was painstakingly rebuilt following the Second War. A sprawling city criss-crossed with canals, Stormwind is split into several smaller districts, including the Cathedral of Light and the base of operations for SI:7. The capital is home to the humans of Azeroth, and the seat of Varian Wrynn, King of the Alliance, and his son, Anduin Wrynn, as well as Genn Greymane of the worgen.

Bonus features[]

  • The gryphon can be poked, eliciting a roar of outrage and a scornful look. Mousing near the gryphon's face will also cause it to follow the cursor with its head. Very rarely, the gryphon will nip at the cursor if it is left too close to its beak.
  • The barrel and box near the gryphon can be smashed, and the hay tossed. The flag in front of the gryphon can be blown about.
  • The sign on the building in the top right corner can be knocked, making it swing. Excessive interaction will break one of its chains, leaving it hanging at an angle. The door to the building can be opened and closed. One of the slates on the building's roof can be knocked at, and eventually smashed.
  • Players can tap on each of the three windows of the cathedral. Excessive tapping will result in breaking the individual windows, and further tapping will continue to shower the area in broken glass. The cathedral bell can also be rung by tapping on the roof.
  • The streetlight next to the cathedral can be switched on and off. Switching it off will cause the moths surrounding it to leave; switch it back on and they will slowly return.
  • The barracks clock can be interacted with, and shows the current time on your computer clock. The roof of the barracks can be pressed upon and eventually broken.
  • The bucket in the well can be knocked about, and too much clicking will break its rope, sending it crashing to the bottom of the well. One of the stones in the well can also be bashed, and eventually broken.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211503).png


  • The plant in the top-right corner of the battlefield was originally interactable. During the beta, the leaves were stationary by default, and players were able to click, knocking them about. However, the interaction suffered from a long-standing bug which caused partial non-interactivity. Perhaps because of this, with the release of Hearthstone the plant was changed to wave continuously in the wind, but was no longer interactable.


Orgrimmar is one of the original four battlefields, available since the game's alpha. Set in the orcish capital city, the battlefield features a catapult, portcullis, zeppelin and blacksmith, and is emblazoned with the bright red logo of the Horde. The dust of the red land of Durotar continuously blows across the battlefield.

Battlefield - Orgrimmar.jpg


Orgrimmar is the capital city of the Horde, and home of the orcs. Situated in the red land of Durotar on the eastern edge of Kalimdor, the city was founded by Thrall following the Third War. For most of its history it served as the capital of the Horde, although its future status is unclear now that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner of Undercity is Warchief. Set between the towering mountain ranges of Durotar, Orgrimmar is a heavily-armed fortress bristling with towers and guards, even more so after its expansion by the goblins following their induction into the Horde. Painted in the bloody colors of the Horde and built in the traditional style of the orcs, the city bristles with spikes on every corner as a fearsome warning to any would-be invaders. City of the orcs, the capital is also home to the Darkspear trolls and the goblins, who have their own quarters within the city. Orgrimmar is named after the legendary orcish warrior Orgrim Doomhammer.

Bonus features[]

  • You can load the catapult with the adjacent rocks and fling them towards your opponent. This has the potential to result in one of a variety of noises, including collision with clattering objects and the yelp of an unfortunate gnoll, gnome, or orc. You can reload the catapult by clicking on it several times to pull the catapult-arm down then loading a rock into the basket.
  • The portcullis in the top right corner can be opened and closed.
  • The vine next to the portcullis can be hacked at, and if attacked repeatedly will briefly recoil.
  • The zeppelin in the top left corner can be knocked and buffeted and after repeatedly clicking, will move in a different direction. The rock to which it is tethered can also be rocked and shifted.
  • The flag in the bottom left corner can be buffeted.
  • The chimney of the blacksmith in the bottom left corner can be clicked to put out or re-ignite the fire inside. When the fire is active, black smoke will billow continuously from the chimney. Repeatedly clicking on the chimney will also produce sounds of hammers hitting metal, bellows bellowing and hissing sound of metal being tempered.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211516).png


Pandaria is one of the original four battlefields, available since the game's alpha. The battlefield features a farm, water wheel (attached to a brewery), and the distinctive colors of the pandaren, as well as the continent's signature rolling mists.

Hearthstone Pandaria.png


Shrouded in mists for more than ten thousand years, the continent of Pandaria only recently emerged from obscurity at the south of Azeroth. Home to the wise pandaren, Pandaria is a beautiful and fertile land, rich with the bright colors of pandaren culture, and the towering architecture of its former rulers, the mogu. A peaceful and contemplative people, following their uprising against the mogu, the pandaren have chosen to focus on the important things in life: family, friends and food. Pandaria is also home to several other races, including the jinyu, hozen, mantid and grummles.

Bonus features[]

  • The crops in the bottom right corner can be smashed. Clicking on the water funnel will cause new water to pour and new crops to grow. Several varieties of crops are possible, as well as the occasional boot. While rare, a boot has a chance to appear in any crop slot, and it is possible to have boots in all three slots at the same time. Even more rarely, a golden version of one of the vegetables may appear. It is possible to have three golden vegetables at once, although this is extremely rare.[13]
  • The waterwheel in the top right corner can be spun, and the door of the building opened and closed.
  • The kite in the top left corner can be knocked around. The peg securing the kite can also be knocked at. Multiple clicks on the peg will remove it entirely, causing the kite to float away. The smaller lantern can also be buffeted.
  • The light in the building in the top left corner can be switched off and on, with an accompanying chime.
  • The gong in the bottom left corner can be rung. The individual flowers in the bush next to the gong can be shaken and destroyed, and will grow back if destroyed.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211523).png


  • The golden vegetable that sometimes appears on the Pandaria battlefield has around a 1/1,000 or even 1/10,000 chance of spawning each time a new vegetable is grown.[14]
  • The vegetables start to grow in a delayed clockwise sequence, starting with the left-most, then the top-most, then the bottom-most. As a result, the quickest pattern for growing and squishing vegetables (such as when attempting to yield a boot or golden vegetable) is to move in a clockwise order, including clicking on the water spout; the player will have time to squish the bottom vegetable before the water reaches it, ensuring a smooth, continuous cycle.


Stranglethorn is one of the original four battlefields, available since the game's alpha. Set in the dense jungles of Stranglethorn, the battlefield features a waterfall, a hunter's camp, and various overgrown troll architecture.

This battlefield is also used during the third wing of The League of Explorers.



Stranglethorn is no tropical paradise! It’s a dense, steamy jungle teeming with malignant murlocs and nefarious naga—indeed, danger lurks behind every leaf and vine![15]

Stranglethorn Vale is a vast jungle located on the south-eastern corner of the Eastern Kingdoms. In the eastern Vale is found the ancient troll city of Zul'Gurub, while at its southern tip lies the goblin port-town of Booty Bay. The Cataclysm resulting from Deathwing's ascent split the sprawling zone in two, with it now separated by a huge and endlessly swirling whirlpool. To the south of Stranglethorn lies Jaguero Isle, home to King Mukla.

Stranglethorn is also the location of the The Ruined City, the hiding place of the third piece of the Staff of Origination as recovered by Sir Finley Mrrgglton during The League of Explorers. The city's inhabitants include Giantfin, Lady Naz'jar and Lord Slitherspear.

Bonus features[]

  • The ruby in the eye of the statue in the top left corner can be picked at, eventually causing it to tumble to the ground and break.
  • Periodically, the glowing eyes of an unknown beast will appear beneath the old log in the top left corner, before disappearing again. Clicking on the eyes of the beast will result in them rapidly blinking out, accompanied by a rustle and a threatening roar.
  • The vine across the gate in the top right corner can be hacked at and broken. The skull motif in the gate can be temporarily brought to life, with glowing red eyes and the sound of distant drums. The coconuts next to the gate can be knocked at and knocked down, occasionally startling an unseen monkey.
  • The pile of logs in the bottom right corner can be sparked repeatedly to start a fire.
  • The skin on the roof of the hut in the bottom right corner can be beaten, causing it to jump and dust to rise. Clicking it repeatedly will cause it to randomly change to one of several other possible animal skins.
  • Clicking near the entrance of the hut in the bottom right corner will elicit sounds of snoring, and occasionally of someone talking in their sleep.
  • The waterfall in the bottom left corner can be splashed in, and doing so rapidly and repeatedly will cause the rainbow to shine brighter, accompanied by sound effects.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211525).png


The Naxxramas battlefield was released with the game's first adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, in July 2014. The battlefield was originally only available while playing the adventure, but in October 2014 was added to the main battlefield rotation.

The battlefield is used for all games within the Curse of Naxxramas adventure. It also features its own unique music, originally limited to the adventure itself, in place of the usual selection of tracks.

Set in the horrifying necropolis of Naxxramas, the battlefield includes bulging spider egg sacs, putrescent fungi, slime-spewing contraptions and eerily crackling crystals.

Battlefield - Naxxramas.jpg


Main article: Curse of Naxxramas#Lore
High above the bitter cold of Dragonblight in the continent of Northrend, the ancient Nerubian necropolis known as Naxxramas looms in the skies, casting a dark shadow on the barren tundra that lies beneath it. Safe from most terrors that may threaten it, Naxxramas is an effective holding ground for a host of undead horrors, ready to strengthen the influence and reach of the undead Scourge at a moment’s notice.

Bonus features[]

  • The egg sacs in the bottom left corner can be squished and poked, and will produce crawling spiderlings after repeated clicking.
  • Clicking on the red spider eyes in the bottom left structure will make them disappear. Sometimes clicking will cause bats to fly from opening or the spider to lunge onto the board.
  • Clicking the obelisk will knock it back, generating resonating notes of various pitches; repeated clicking will cause the obelisk to noisily crack. Clicking and holding causes the obelisk to vibrate, glow and emit electricity, healing the damage.
  • The top door of the boiler and the door on the pipe can be opened and closed. Spinning the wheel repeatedly will produce a puff of green steam out of the top door if it is open, or from the pipe door if that is open instead. If both doors are closed, repeated wheel spinning will cause pressure to build, producing ominous rattling sounds, and culminating in a spurt of green goo from the pipe, draining into the grate.
  • Clicking a loose screw on the boiler causes it to pop out and fly off to the left.
  • The mushrooms in the top left structure will squish and bounce when clicked; clicking repeatedly will cause them to shake, dispersing spores.
  • Pulling on the left tusk on the skull causes green goo to flow from the mouth.
  • The green pools in the top left and right structures create splashes when clicked.
  • If the skull's eye is clicked as it twinkles, a ruby will drop out of the eye hole and fall into the goo.
  • Clicking the top of the skull will make hollow tapping sounds of various pitches.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211526).png

Goblins vs Gnomes[]

The Goblins vs Gnomes battlefield was released with the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion's arena launch event on December 4th 2014. The battlefield contains features and designs representing both goblins and gnomes, with the top-left and bottom-right corners depicting gnomish inventions, and the bottom-left and top-right corners featuring goblin technology.

Battlefield - Goblins vs Gnomes.jpg


Main article: Goblins vs Gnomes#Lore

Bonus features[]

  • The door of the furnace in the bottom left corner can be held open momentarily, allowing sparks to fly out. Every so often, a spark will land on one of the nearby fuses and ignite. Lighting the fuse on the left will result in the rockets flying off, while lighting the fuse on the right will cause the large rocket to launch, followed by the explosion of the two bombs.
  • When clicked on, the two parabolic antennae on the top of the command centre in the top left corner will make noises (each different), move, and the graphical display of arrays will appear.
  • The red button in the top right corner can be pressed which will activate the goblin teleporter. After a few seconds of flashing lights and other activity, a random object will appear, most of which are existing assets from other battlefields. Activating the teleporter again will teleport out its current contents and replace it with another random selection.
    • Possible objects include: the boot from the Pandaria board; a vegetable from the Pandaria board; a bomb similar to a Boom Bot's Deathrattle with an ignited fuse, which will explode if not removed; the kite from the Pandaria board; a giant banana; the ruby from the eye of the statue in the Stranglethorn board; what appears to be a Homing Chicken; and a floundering, although smiling, fish (similar to those summoned in Neptulon's summoning animation). Each activation also has a chance to produce an empty teleporter, with no object.
  • Each of the three levers of the goblin teleporter can be pulled. Green light indicates an upper position, red light is for the lower.
  • The screw near the teleporter can be screwed into the nearby screw hole.
  • The laser gun in the bottom right corner can be rotated using two control buttons to its left. Pulling the gun's lever will make it shoot. If the laser is shot at the command centre in the top left corner, it will activate, the red lights will sparkle, the noise of the siren alarm will be heard, and the rocket will launch. If the laser shoots past the opponent's half of the board, it can be heard to strike a gnome or other hapless individual, who may yelp, grunt or squeal in response.
  • Pressing D on the keyboard causes the teleporter door to open/close. This is likely a bug, since it interferes with the normal animation, and allows players to see the new occupant of the chamber before it is supposed to have appeared.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211527).png


  • When the Goblins vs Gnomes battlefield was first released, the screw in the top right of the board was non-interactive. The team had planned to make it interactive, but time constraints prevented them from completing the design.[16] The design was finally completed nearly a year later, allowing it to be screwed into the nearby screw hole. Other battlefields however still feature similarly unfinished features.
  • A slightly earlier version of the Goblins vs Gnomes battlefield (see Gallery) was seen in previews at BlizzCon 2014, featuring a number of small differences: the flooring in the corners is cracked red stone instead of roughly assembled metal plates; the nose and tail of the laser gun in the bottom right corner are golden instead of chrome, and the gun is further forward; the oil spill in the top left corner is missing, along with the blast marks in the bottom left; there is a cable connecting the laser gun to the control panel instead of the two wires; there is an extra bomb in the bottom left, in front of the rocket, and both the big rocket and the small blue rocket are missing their fuses; the screw is missing from the right hand side; the levers at the top right are chrome with black handles instead of golden; and the column and cable to the left of the levers are replaced by a plant or possibly coral.

Blackrock Mountain[]

The Blackrock Mountain battlefield was released with the Blackrock Mountain adventure on April 2/3 2015, and is used for all matches as part of the adventure. The battlefield was originally limited to the adventure, but was added to the main rotation in June 2015. It features its own music, originally limited to the adventure itself.

The bottom-right corner features dragon whelp eggs as found in Blackrock Spire's Rookery, made famous by the exploits of Leeroy Jenkins. The top-left features Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, the mighty weapon of Ragnaros himself from the Molten Core, while the bottom-left corner features The Black Anvil, located in Blackrock Depths and used to craft Dark Iron armaments, both by the Dark Iron dwarves and by adventurers brave enough to fight their way to it. The top-right corner features lava and chains most prominently seen in the central area of Blackrock Mountain itself, from which adventurers can navigate their way to one of the zone's instances.

Battlefield - Blackrock Mountain.jpg


Main article: Blackrock Mountain#Lore

Home to Ragnaros the Firelord and the black dragon Nefarian, Blackrock Mountain has been at the heart of some of Azeroth's most cataclysmic events.

Bonus features[]

  • The runes in the top-left corner can be interacted with and illuminated.[17] The top three can be clicked on and off, while pressing the fourth while any other is illuminated while cause changes to the area. Pressing it without other runes will cause the effect to 'fizzle'.
  • By successfully activating the fourth rune, the giant hammer Sulfuras in the top-left corner can be submerged.[18][17] The player can bring back the hammer if they choose, by the same means.[17]
  • Once Sulfuras has been sunk, various objects will appear at random in the lava in the top-left corner.[17] Possibilities include several varieties of "rubber bath pony" and a gnomish periscope.[17][19] The player can tap the periscope to knock it back, causing it to blink rapidly and gaze at the player before descending back beneath the surface.[19]
  • The chain in the top-right corner can be pulled at to "uncork" the lava pool, allowing all the lava to flow out.[17] Players can then re-"cork" the pool, and interact with the other chain to cause the mouth to refill the pool with lava.[17]
  • Players can "heat up" the Black Anvil in the bottom-left corner, causing it to glow.[18] When it gets hot enough, it will spontaneously "forge" or transform one of the nearby armaments, with each having multiple possible forms (both the armament and the form are selected at random).[17][20] Players can also splash water from the bucket onto the Anvil, cooling it with a sizzle.[17]
  • The eggs in the bottom-right corner can be broken, with a chance to produce a whelp, which will immediately fly off.[18][17] Players can also extinguish and rekindle the brazier, and each of the large bones will produce a different musical note when knocked on.[17]

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211528).png

The Grand Tournament[]

The Grand Tournament battlefield was released August 24, 2015, with the The Grand Tournament expansion. It was previewed from August 19 as part of the Grand Tournament Match Tavern Brawl, but was not added to the main rotation until the expansion was released.

Set at the Grand Tournament itself, the battlefield features spectators, a food tent, and both ranged and melee target practice.

Battlefield - The Grand Tournament.jpg


Main article: The Grand Tournament#Lore
"Knights of all shapes and sizes from far and wide come together at the Grand Tournament to complete for fame and glory! Years ago, the Argent Crusade started the tournament as a way to find champions fit to take on Azeroth’s greatest villains. Now that the Frozen North is less perilous (and a tad bit warmer), the Grand Tournament has a playful side to it. Ogres, Pirates, Dragons, and even Murlocs have sent their finest Knights, ready to strut their stuff and show what they’re made of—all in the name of fun![21]
There’s the jousting arena, of course, where the clash of armor and the roar of the crowd can be heard. That’s where you’ll find the stars of the show, the noble knights, basking in the adoration of the crowd. But there’s so much more to delight the senses: you’ll feast your eyes on elaborately decorated tents and pavilions in a rainbow of dazzling colors, you’ll thrill to performers and games, and your mouth will water at the delicious aroma of fresh baked festival pies that fills the air everywhere you go!"[22]

Bonus features[]

  • The spectators in the top-left corner can be repeatedly knocked down, but will slowly rise back up again. They also respond to certain game events, such as covering their faces in shock in response to effects which make the board shake, and cheering when certain minions are played.
  • The shield on the front of the spectator stand can be knocked at, producing a metallic sound.
  • The trees around the battlefield can be rustled. Some, such as the tree in the top-right corner, contain an improbably large number of white birds, which will flee if disturbed.
  • The flowers on the ground can be picked, but will grow back.
  • The banner in the top-right corner can be buffeted, causing its color to change between red, green and blue.
  • The weather vane on the top of the tent in the top-right corner can be knocked at and swung round.
  • The entrance flap on the tent can be pulled at. Holding it up for a couple seconds will reveal a pair of yellow eyes.
  • The dummy in the bottom right corner can be struck and knocked back. It will move differently depending on where you strike it. Board-shaking effects will also impact it. It will also spin round clockwise or counter-clockwise if struck consistently on the shield arm or sword arm. Occasionally the target dummy will spin off, sometimes returning, other times not.
  • Clicking on the front of the target in the bottom right corner will fire an arrow at it. Clicking around the edge of the target will cause arrows to be fired at roughly the cursor's position, while clicking in the centre of the target will result in arrows being fired fairly haphazardly, only occasionally striking the target's centre. Clicking the target's centre dozens of times in a single match will gradually make the arrows more accurate. Arrows which do hit the bullseye cause a brief flash of golden light, and occasionally if another arrow hits the bullseye it will split an arrow already in the bullseye. Once all arrows are spent, clicking anywhere on the target will remove them all from the target, allowing them to be fired again. Occasionally arrows will enter the target backwards, or strike the dummy instead.
  • The spit in the bottom-left corner can be rotated, and the fire beneath it extinguished and re-lit. As you spin the spit, the meat will become darker, and eventually burn.
  • The food and drink on offer in the bottom-left corner can be clicked to rapidly consume it, accompanied by eating noises and the odd burp. If the golden triangle behind the spit is struck once the food is finished, new food will be served.
  • Striking the triangle will cause the food and drink to be replenished. Various foods are possible, always accompanied by a standard tankard of ale.
  • The pans hanging next to the triangle can be hit for different sounds.
  • The top part of the refreshment tent can be lifted, allowing smoke to billow out more freely.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211530).png

Excavation Site[]

The first battlefield added with The League of Explorers, the Excavation Site battlefield is used during the first two wings of the adventure, and is also available during regular play.

Battlefield - Excavation.png


Main article: The League of Explorers#Lore
"Archaeology isn’t archaeology without an excavation! Unearth the ancient hewn-stone halls of Uldaman! Explore the ruins of the ancient city, and unravel timeless mysteries! Find out what that light beam thing does—what could go wrong?"[23]

Bonus features[]

  • The sand in the top left corner can be clicked, producing small puffs of dust. The cylindrical column can be clicked, throwing up a dark cloud of dust. After several clicks, chunks crumble and fall.
  • Clicking the top of the square column causes the column to rise, revealing a secret compartment which may be empty or may contain a random object: a red ruby, a banana or a gold coin are some possibilities. Clicking the top again causes the column to retract. Each time the column is opened the secret compartment's contents potentially change.
  • Clicking the large, red crystal on the top right corner makes ringing sounds. The pickaxe can be rattled and the ropes can be pulled. Clicking the lantern causes it to swing and go out. Clicking rapidly on it again relights it. The nail in the wooden board can be driven in.
  • Repeated clicking on the purple gem on the pedestal activates the spike plate. Likewise, pulling the rope activates the dart trap, launching darts out from the holes. Clicking on the blue gem in the wall makes it glow; repeated clicking launches a beam of light which ricochets off the purple gem to hit the red gem.
  • The large pot in the lower right corner can be shattered with repeated clicking. Clicking the small pot will occasionally produce a stream of blue energy which streams off the board. The gold coins near the pots can be clicked, flipping a coin up to varying heights and into the chasm.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211521).png

The Museum[]

The second battlefield added with The League of Explorers, The Museum is used during the fourth and final wing of the adventure, and is also available for regular play.

Battlefield - The Hall of Explorers.png


Main article: The League of Explorers#Lore
"If these tastefully wood-paneled walls could talk, they’d tell tales of amazing discoveries, painstaking research, and the boundless bravery and enthusiasm of the League of Explorers. They’d probably also mention that one weird thing Reno does when he doesn’t think anyone else is around."[23]

Bonus features[]

  • You can click on the skull of the skeleton producing a hollow tapping sound. Repeated clicking causes the skelesaurus to shake its head and snort, and its eyes to temporarily turn red; it then settles back to its previous state. Clicking and holding down the button on skelesaurus' head causes its tail to waggle gleefully and its eyes to glow blue. Repeated clicking on its arm snaps off the hand; its eyes then glow permanently red.
  • The ropes next to the mounted skelesaurus can be swayed.
  • You can spin the globe by clicking on it. You can spin the globe by its pole by clicking on the smaller strut.
  • The telescope can be extended by holding the knob; releasing the knob retracts it. In addition, the head can be buffeted, and the lens shattered with repeated clicking.
  • The brazier in the bottom right corner emits blue sparks and tendrils of energy when clicked. The sign next to the sarcophagus can be knocked down. The red rope can be swayed.
  • The sarcophagus can be opened with a unique set of presses (middle rune, top rune, bottom rune). Any other set of presses causes a light to blink red and the code to be reset.
  • Opening the sarcophagus reveals random objects: a mummy, snakes, gold coins, and dusty cobwebs are some of the possibilities.
  • The pot of scrolls in the upper right-hand corner can be jostled. The pile of books sitting on the mantel can be clicked, sending up a cloud of dust. The inkpot can be splattered and the the fireplace can be stoked. Clicking on the candle momentarily extinguishes it. The magnifying glass can be broken with repeated clicking, producing a shower of glass.
  • The floor tile next to the desk can be pressed revealing a secret compartment (holding a red ruby) behind the portrait of Sir Finley.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211531).png

Whispers of the Old Gods[]

The Whispers of the Old Gods battlefield (listed in the game files as "Stormwind Old Gods") was released April 24, 2016, shortly before the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion.

The battlefield is a corrupted version of the Stormwind battlefield, with oozes, tentacles and eyes galore. It is notably the first battlefield to feature alterations to the 'tabletop' background, with purple slime oozing out from the game board and several tears visible in the fabric.

Battlefield - Whispers of the Old Gods.jpg


Main article: Whispers of the Old Gods#Lore
"For countless millennia, the Old Gods have slept. Now, the time of their awakening draws near; their evil influence has crawled even into the tavern! Can you feel your cards trembling in their decks as the corruption spreads? Some of your old friends have already grown icky masses of tentacles and a downright frightening number of eyeballs![24]
Stormwind has fallen to the influence of the ancient ones, so make sure to avoid poking the eyestalks that have grown on the buildings—they don’t seem to like that very much."[25]

Bonus features[]

  • Tentacles throughout the battlefield can be poked to make them shudder or whip about in response.
  • Strange green creatures apparently representing the battlefield's corrupted plant-life can be found around the battlefield, and will snap and bite at the cursor if clicked.
  • The long-stalked eye in the top-left can be poked at, causing it to blink and swing away. If clicked repeatedly, it will close and extend upward, before going back down and repeating. It recoils when the clicking stops.
  • You can click on the "windows" on the house in the top left corner to make them blink. The middle window will shed a tear if clicked repeatedly. The eyes move to focus on the offending cursor in response to clicks.
  • The bubbles in the goo coming out of the top left building can be popped, and will slowly reappear.
  • With repeated clicking the lower tentacle in the top right house can be coaxed into temporarily retreating inside. After a while it will tentatively probe the air before extending itself once more.
  • One of the roof tiles in the top right can be dislodged to reveal a staring eye. The eye can then be poked, causing it to blink; poking it repeatedly will turn it red.
  • The glowing vapours to the left of the inn can be agitated, causing them to flare.
  • The corrupted gryphon can be antagonised in much the same way as the gryphon from the original game board, and with much the same response.
  • The pile next to the gryphon can be broken with aggressive clicking, revealing a purple flame. The flame can then be clicked to excite its luminous vapors.
  • The glowing vapor rising from the clock in the bottom left can be agitated, with enough clicking causing it to die down or resurge.
  • The corruption of the clock seems to have robbed it of its time-telling function, but the hands can still be clicked at to produce a vague ticking noise.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211504).png


The Karazhan battlefield was added on August 10, 2016, with Patch, accompanying the One Night in Karazhan adventure. The battlefield is used for all matches within the adventure, and is also available for selection in regular play. Unlike previous adventure battlefields the Karazhan board was not withheld from regular play, but was immediately added to the main rotation following the patch, even ahead of the release of the adventure itself. The battlefield features its own music. Prototype images can be seen here.

Battlefield - One Night in Karazhan.jpg


Main article: One Night in Karazhan#Lore
"No visit to Karazhan would be complete without a revitalizing soak in the hot mana pool. After energizing your body and mind, take a stroll through your host’s moonlit library and peruse his magical tomes. Then try your hand at mixology in the well-stocked alchemist’s laboratory, or perhaps take in a show at the private opera house. As Medivh’s cherished guest, the tower is yours to explore."[26]

Bonus features[]

  • The box on the top-left stage can be opened and closed, revealing various possible contents, complete with coloured sparkles. The stage lights can be turned on and off individually. The burner can be clicked at, producing a shower of sparkles. Clicking it when it is lit will extinguish it; repeated clicking will re-kindle it with a burst of sparkles.
  • The curtain on the stage can be raised, showing different scenes; clicking again will lower the curtains. The next scene can be spotted by the portion of the background visible beneath the curtains. One of the scenes is a disco setting complete with mirrorball; discovering this scene will cause dance music to play and the stagelights to change colour and flash repeatedly.
  • The lights on the top-right can be clicked repeatedly, eventually breaking them. Clicking them once broken produces electrical sparks.
  • The lid of the barrel in the top-right can be repeatedly clicked until it flips over, revealing the barrel's glittery contents, shooting sparkles and producing a party favor noise.
  • The spell book can be flipped through, revealing various runes. If the rune on one of the pages matches the rune on the sheet on the ground, the sheet can be clicked and the book will emit a magical effect, transforming the rune on the sheet. The runes in the spell book sometimes also change, although this is currently bugged.
  • The tap on the mana tub in the bottom-right corner can turned on and off, causing the water to steam. Clicking on the water will cause it to splash, and splashing it repeatedly will cause a portal to open in the water, revealing various depictions of the Dark Portal.
  • The drinks umbrella can be spun and the feathers buffeted. The rubber duck can be squeezed, causing it to squeak.
  • The siphon on the large flask in the bottom-left can be opened. Opening the siphon will cause the liquid to flow to the next vial and turn it from purple to blue, and the smaller flask next to it to fill with blue; turning the siphon off again will cause the other vial to return to purple and the flask to become empty. The dial to the left of the large flask will ignite a burner beneath it, causing the liquid to bubble. If the burner is turned on and the siphon is opened for a few seconds, closing it again will cause a plume of purple and blue smoke to rise from the smaller flask.
  • The broom in the bottom-left can be clicked, causing it to become animate and sweep the floor a little, moving the purple gem. Clicking it repeatedly will cause it to soar into the air, flying around the board before shooting off.
  • The doors in the bottom-left can be closed and opened. Opening the doors has a small chance of causing a grey or white mouse to escape the cabinet, and the doors to close behind it.
  • The floating candles in the bottom-left and bottom-right corners can be batted at, causing them to bob up and down.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211505).png


Added with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan in December 2016, this battlefield depicts the lawless streets and even more lawless backalleys of Gadgetzan. There is a corner dedicated to each of the city's three ruling crime families: Corrupted mana crystals spill out of the Kabal corner in the top-left; the industrial stronghold of the Grimy Goons stands firm in the top-right; and the secretive den of the Jade Lotus beckons from the bottom-right. The bottom-left corner represents the city's docks, critical to its recent boom from sleepy desert town to bustling metropolis.

Battlefield - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.jpg


Main article: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan#Lore
"The bustling port town of Gadgetzan has ushered in a new era of trade, but the city’s success has led to its unfortunate occupation by some rather unruly denizens, each with their own agendas. Crime families run the streets, each led by a powerful figurehead pulling the strings from the shadows.[27]
If you pull up a chair outside Fizzgrimble’s Tavern and watch afternoon traffic flowing up and down Grimestreet, you may notice a few things about how our city has changed. Wagons carrying goods from faraway places, guarded by shifty-looking fellows in bowler hats; vendors loudly hawking their mystical wares from stalls that choke the streets, ready to sell you any potion or spell you want, for a price; and, all but invisible to the untrained observer, shadowy figures blending into the crowds, keeping an eye on everything. Who are these people? What are they doing in our city?"[28]

Bonus features[]

  • The Kabal building (top left) is tethered to the ground only by its chains, and can thus be caused to bob about in the air by clicking on the top right tower. Tapping upon the chain holding the top right tower will cause it to float off. The covering over the top left window can be lowered, causing a bolt of pink lightning to emerge and streak randomly off into the night. The poster to the left of the door can be pulled at, eventually causing it to burn-up from the energies hidden beneath it. The door's knocker can be pulled at, eventually causing the door to jolt open with a crackle of bright pink energy and a puff of smoke.
  • The door of the Grimy Goons building (top right) can be rapped on, causing the eye slot to open, and suspicious eyes to quickly scan the streets. The metal canopy above the window can be tapped on, causing a gun to appear, firing several bursts into the street; every so often it will appear and instead fire only a cloth 'bang' flag. The can can be jostled, causing it to jump around and a coin to appear from inside. The fires and chimney can be stoked.
  • The various ranged weapons embedded in the Jade Lotus building (bottom right) can be flicked at. Wobbling the knife (Genji's Dragonblade from Overwatch) to the left of the door enough times will cause a magical green dragon to briefly appear. The lantern hanging above the door can be batted about. The bushes to the left of the Jade Lotus building can be rustled to send a fruit flying into the air: clicking it again while in the air will cause it to be sliced open. The top left roof tile can be rocked and caused to fall to the ground.
  • The crane in the docks (bottom left) can be brought into operation, and used to fish up items from the deeps. The first click will cause the crane to swivel round; the second and third will cause the hook to descend and then ascend, bearing a random item. The fourth click will attempt (but inevitably fail) to bring the item over to the main platform, if it hasn't already fallen off the hook. Items include a "Pachimari" doll, a spiked tyre, and a lit bomb, which will luckily fall from the crane before it can explode.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211506).png


  • The house in the bottom right corner of the Gadgetzan battlefield may be a reference to the Overwatch characters Genji and Hanzo, with a green-edged katana, shurikens, and arrows, the weapons of those two heroes. The sword, when rapidly clicked/tapped on, has a green dragon that spins around in, in a confirmed reference to Genji's Ultimate ability, Dragonblade.[29] The distinctive "Pachimari" doll fished up from the docks is original to Overwatch.
    • This makes this battlefield the first to contain characters from or clear references to another Blizzard game other than World of Warcraft.


Added with Journey to Un'Goro in April 2017, this battlefield depicts the teeming jungles of Un'Goro Crater and includes a large volcano, tropical trees, dinosaur eggs, pitcher plants, a tar pit, a tribal hut and various instruments.

Battlefield - Journey to Un'Goro.jpg


Main article: Journey to Un'Goro#Lore

Un'Goro Crater is a wild, jungle-filled crater teeming with life, strange energies, and dinosaurs. It sits between Tanaris (the location of Gadgetzan) to the east, and Silithus to the west; in both directions paths can be found winding up along the crater's mountainous edge to reach the higher altitudes of the neighbouring zones. In the centre of the zone is a huge volcano known as Fire Plume Ridge, and rivers and pools criss cross the crater's floor in many places, with the Golakka Hot Springs in the zone's west.

In World of Warcraft, it is a leveling zone memorable for questlines involving research on the strange crystals and pylons scattered around the area; various references to popular culture such as video games, music and TV shows (notable examples include Linken, Spraggle Frock, Ringo, J.D. Collie, Larion and Muigin); the creatures living in the Lakkari Tar Pits to the north; sinister silithid mounds invading in the south; and the gigantic devilsaurs, who continually roam the zone, surprising absent-minded players with a swift and merciless death.

Bonus features[]

  • In the bottom-left corner, there are two pitcher plants filled with digestive fluids; next to them, there are tar pits with two bones, which will erupt bubbles. The bones sink into the tar when pressed. When both bones sink, then a random item floats up (a skull with red eyes (the head of the Golden Monkey) , a banana, a ruby, a boot).
  • Also in that corner, repeatedly clicking on the tall red plants will cause them to launch like rockets.
  • In the top-left corner, there is a volcano, and next to it there is a totem that looks like a slingshot.
    • The volcano will erupt if the right notes are played in the bottom right corner (see below).
    • The totem will emit flames if clicked enough times.
  • In the top-right corner, there is a huge tree with two Devilsaur eggs, and some fluorescent tentacles.
    • The larger egg can be cracked by clicking repeatedly. Clicking the egg once cracked will produce the eye of a baby Devilsaur peeking out of the crack.
    • Clicking the leaves of the tree will cause fruit and glow worms to fall.
    • Click the vines around the tree will agitate them.
  • In the bottom-right corner, there is a drum, an empty shell, and three leaves which make different sounds when clicked.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211508).png

Volcanic eruption[]

Volcano Combo.png

There is a special combination of the musical instrument section of the game board which causes the volcano to erupt:

  1. (D) Drum
  2. (G) Big leaf
  3. (E) Shell
  4. (G) Big leaf
  5. (A) Medium leaf

Icecrown Citadel[]

Added on August 8th, 2017 with the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, this battlefield depicts the frigid stronghold of Icecrown Citadel, the seat of power of the Lich King and the Undead Scourge.

The top left corner features a frost wyrm — a skeletal, undead dragon — partially frozen in the ice. The bottom left and top right corners include what appear to be an iron brazier with large coals and an imposing rampart, respectively, while the bottom right corner features a large chunk of ice accompanied by a hammer and chisel.

Battlefield - Knights of the Frozen Throne.jpg


Main article: Knights of the Frozen Throne#Lore
Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Icecrown Citadel is the greatest fortress of the Scourge and the last bastion of the dread Lich King. Located in the frozen wastes of Icecrown on the continent of Northrend, the Citadel is built around the Frozen Throne that once held the spirit of Ner'zhul until he joined with Arthas Menethil to become the new Lich King. Constructed from saronite, the Citadel is inhabited by some of the strongest and vilest of the Lich King's minions - a great army of the living dead standing between their dark master and those who seek to destroy him.

Bonus features[]

  • The ice block can be interacted with to allow the player to create their own ice sculpture. You can hold down the left mouse button on the sculpture to reset it.[30]
    • There are 4 sculptures : The Lich King's head/helmet, The Hearthstone logo, a Murloc frozen in ice, and a cup of liquid
  • Repeatedly clicking on the dragon's skull makes the skeleton glow and releases cold air from the cave.
  • Clicking the other portions of the dragon bones simply causes them to shake.
  • Clicking onto the cracked piece of ice next to the dragon's skull results in a piece falling off.
  • In bottom-left corner, when repeatedly clicking on the fire, it burns with red/blue/green fire. Activating the fire also activates a rune in the circle to its right. Clicking the rune results into light circle coming out of the rune. The runes represent the three focuses of death knights in World of Warcraft: blood (red), frost (blue), and unholy (green).
  • Clicking various icicles around the battlefield makes them glow.
  • Holding down the chain on the top-right corner will pull it and cause the door to open, releasing cold air from inside.
  • Repeatedly clicking on the spike to the right of the door will cause it to break off.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211509).png


  • This battlefield was designed after the Hearthstone developer team heard Dave Kosak's description of how the Lich King should be characterized in Knights of the Frozen Throne, and is based around the idea of the Lich King commissioning his minions to create a game board for him. The frost wyrm is a reference to the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King opening cinematic, in which Arthas raises the long-dead dragon Sindragosa into undeath from her resting place beneath the ice. The ice sculpture was added to offset the dark fantasy of the expansion with a comical Hearthstone twist.[30]

The Catacombs[]

Added on December 7, 2017 with the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, this battlefield depicts the catacombs of the kobolds which wend their way through caves and vaults full of treasure.

The top-left corner features a beast idol guarding treasure. The bottom left depicts a closed-off mine while the bottom right has a legendary weapon amidst other treasure. The top-right corner contains more treasure, including a treasure chest.

Battlefield - Kobolds and Catacombs.jpg


Main article: Kobolds and Catacombs#Lore

Bonus features[]

  • Mushrooms all across the board can be clicked repeatedly to trigger effects like glowing, ballooning, and the release of gases.
  • One or two of the gold coins can be clicked and tossed in each corner.
  • Candle flames are also clickable.
  • There are also a number of clickable gems which might be spellstones.
  • In the bottom right, the shiny hammer can be clicked and shaken. Repeated clicking will trigger a flare from its gemstone.
  • Clicking and holding the candle in the bottom left triggers a Kobold trap, an explosion which burns the entire area.
  • Clicking around in the ashes will unearth a key which, when clicked, changes the chest in the top right into a mimic.
  • Repeatedly clicking the red gem in the eye of the idol on the top left causes the pick-axe to come down.
  • The top-right area is full of treasure in the middle of which stands a treasure chest. Clicking the treasure chest repeatedly will open it to reveal more treasure, or a boot, or nothing at all. Using the key from the bottom left area will give life to this treasure chest and change it into a mimic.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211510).png

The Witchwood[]

Added on April 12, 2018 with The Witchwood expansion, this battlefield depicts the forests surrounding Gilneas.

The top left corner features an anthropomorphic tree, similar to the festerroots or treants. The upper right shows a typical Gilnean house, the bottom right a wagon, possibly of some kind of merchant or witch. On the lower left, a cauldron can be seen.

Battlefield - The Witchwood.jpg


Main article: The Witchwood#Lore

Bonus features[]

  • Grabbing the acorn on top of the tree hits it with an axe and awakes the slumbering tree, causing his eyes to glow blue.
  • The mushrooms release purple spores.
  • The log can be crushed.
  • Shaking the other trees causes them to lose some needles.
  • The left gravestone near the house release a ghost, the small one gets hit by lightning and causes it to rain on the house when clicked.
  • The house's lights can be turned on and off.
  • The roof window breaks, releasing a swarm of bats.
  • The wagon's wheels wiggle but don't come off.
  • The chimney releases smoke and sparks from the oven.
  • The board above the wagon's window opens and closes.
  • The lantern wiggles when clicked and can be dragged out a little bit but can't be moved somewhere else.
  • Shaking the lavender releases mauve-colored dust.
  • Repeatedly clicking the lid of the jar of purple liquid causes the lid to fly off.
  • Clicking on the open jar causes sparks to shoot out.
  • Clicking the ladle in the cauldron makes the cauldron shake. Clicking and holding makes the ladle stir in a circle.
  • Ingredients can be picked up and added to the cauldron or the jar.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211511).png

The Boomsday Project[]

Added on August 7, 2018, with The Boomsday Project,[31] this battlefield depicts the mech theme of the project.

The top-left corner features a tank of translucent liquid. The upper right is a levitating mech. At the bottom left is something like a furnace. At the lower left, a strange machine is surrounded by colored crystals. Overall, playing with this map seems to have a smaller variety of simpler effects than many previous maps.

Battlefield - The Boomsday Project.jpg


Main article: The Boomsday Project#Lore

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • Pulling out the lever (by clicking) on the front of the tank causes one of the normal battlefield items (a boot, green fruit, sometimes a golden fruit and so on) to be teleported inside it, to float in the liquid.
  • The curled vine to the top left momentarily coils tighter when clicked.
  • The light bulb on the upper left of the water tank breaks if you click on it too often.
  • The green tentacle coiled around a test tube on the right of the tank twitches when clicked, causing the tube to flash.
  • The small metal flask on the lower right of the tank wiggles a bit when clicked.
  • The metal plate on the upper right of the tank is loose when clicked.
Top Right


  • The mech on its body causes it to jerk a bit, like many other floating things in Hearthstone battlefields.
  • Either of the two mudflap-looking things on the lower front of the mech causes them to jiggle, and spark electricity.
  • The button on the mech's left shoulder (your right, facing it) opens the mech's blast shield faceplate, exposing a driver's seat and two buttons, one purple (on the driver's right) and one red (driver's left).
    • The purple driver's button makes the triangular logo on the mech's front plate light up.
    • The red button causes the crystal in the mech's right limb to flash. Occasionally, this glow will be brighter and louder. The third time the red button is pressed each game (once per game), the crystal will fire a laser that ricochets off the bottom of the window and breaks the center test tube in the top-left area.
  • The button on the mech's right shoulder closes the blast shield again, if it was open.
Bottom Left


  • The vent that is attached to the machine by a hose toggles it open or closed.
  • The hose connecting the vent to the machine makes it jiggle and spark.
  • The bobblehead-like ball on top of the machine makes it spark and jiggle.
  • The vented plate on the front of the machine makes it jiggle slightly open and closed, sparking.
  • The floating rocks makes them bob a bit, much like other small, levitating battlefield items.
Bottom Right


  • The lever on the front of the pot-machine has varying results, sometimes opening the jaws on the top to emit a sort of spiral of energy, or to emit a sort of sphere of energy, or just making them clack a bit.
  • The colored crystals makes them emit a ping and glow, like other crystals on other battlefields.
  • The larger flat rock makes it jiggle a tiny bit, like many other objects on other battlefields.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211512).png

Gurubashi Arena[]

Added on November 29th, 2018, with the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion, this battlefield depicts the interior of the arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

The top-left corner features the other side of the gate seen on the Stranglethorn battlefield, adorned with snake statues. On the upper right is an altar with spikes and skulls around it. In the bottom-left corner is a large drum, and on the right there is a statue adorned with tikis.

Battlefield - Rastakhan's Rumble.jpg


Main article: Rastakhan's Rumble#Lore

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • Clicking the skull at the top of the gateway will fill up a blue circle around it piece by piece, making a different tone as it fills. When it's full, clicking again will disperse the blue.
  • The snakes' eyes will produce a gleam.
  • The two fire trays will release ashes.
  • The gate will partially close, then raise back up again.
  • All of the wooden pikes will push down a little.
Top Right
  • The altar will change its color and show the symbol of a different Loa.
  • The skull will get shorter hair, then no hair, then cycle back to its full mohawk.
  • The spears can be jostled.
Bottom Left
  • Clicking on the drum will beat it.
  • The mallet will lift up.
  • The red sign can be hit to make a sound.
  • The small horn underneath the sign will make sound.
Bottom Right
  • The statue's teeth can be knocked out, but will eventually regrow. They will sometimes turn golden.[32]
  • The statue's nose can be broken off permanently.
  • The ring on the statue's tusk will move up and down.
  • The statue's eyes will glint.
  • The tiki masks can be shaken, producing different colors of dust for each one.

Click the drum once. Click the mallet below the drum once. Click the drum twice. Then click the horn to the left of the mallet to trigger fanfare in the top-left corner.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211514).png


Added on April 4th, 2019, with the Rise of Shadows expansion, this battlefield depicts Dalaran in the midst of the League of E.V.I.L.'s infiltration.

Three of the squares represent Dalaran itself, with a shifting magic shop in the top-left corner, a mage's tower in the top right, and a magic carpet at the bottom right. The final corner has the League of E.V.I.L.'s wagon on it, inconspicuously disguised.

Battlefield - Rise of Shadows.jpg


Main article: Rise of Shadows#Lore

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • Clicking on the sign outside the shop enough times will change what kind of shop it is and what items are beside it.
    • By default, it's an inscription shop with a giant inkwell. The quill and ink can be jostled, spilling ink. The scroll beside it can be moved.
    • As a scroll shop it has giant scrolls outside. The scrolls can be moved around.
    • As an alchemy shop, it has a giant potion outside. Clicking the potion shakes it, and clicking repeatedly causes the cork to fly up.
    • As a library, it has giant books in a stack. Clicking the top book moves it, while clicking the bottom moves both.
  • The shop door can be opened and closed.
  • The light on the upper floor can be turned on and off.
  • The gem on the tower can be broken by clicking.
Top Right
  • Various parts of the tower produce gonging noises.
  • The scrolls beside the tower will wiggle.
  • The flower can be broken, but regrows.
  • Pressing the gem on the left crystal tower causes the Dalaran symbol to appear on the door.
Bottom Left
  • The wagon-like contraption on the bottom left is booby-trapped.
  • The crystal on the barrel outside is clickable.
  • The steps leading up into the wagon are clickable as are the doors and lamp.
  • Clicking the middle door leads to an explosion which blows the roof off.
Bottom Right
  • All of the flowers can be broken, but regrow.
  • The crystals on the magic carpet glimmer and make sounds when clicked.
  • Clicking on the magic carpet enough causes it to fly away then return.
    • The magic carpet starts out with three gems on it; when it returns it can have other items.
    • The second-most common set of items is four mushrooms; they jiggle when clicked.
    • The rarest item on the carpet is a magic lamp, which emits a bluish smoke when clicked.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211515).png

Uldum Tomb[]

Battlefield - Saviors of Uldum.jpg


Main article: Saviors of Uldum#Lore

Uldum is a large desert region at the southern end of the continent of Kalimdor. Bordered by the verdant Un'Goro Crater to the north and the Tanaris desert (home of the city of Gadgetzan) to the east, Uldum contains many facilities of the godlike, world-shaping titans and has long been guarded by the catlike tol'vir.

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • The top left has a pedestal which glows when clicked and unearths a gem in the sand. Repeated clicking will cause a stream of sand to fall down.
  • The gem is now clickable.
  • Clicking the sand repeatedly will attract one of three different snakes, with a small chance of attracting all three snakes as well as playing a special sound effect.
  • The two two metal pillars within the "well" are clickable. Repeated clicking will cause the a sparkly glow effect in the well.
Top Right
  • The top right contains a closed tomb. Clicking one of the stones outside the door repeatedly will open said door to reveal a treasure within. The treasure is one of a gold fish, a hat, a fruit, and a feathered turban.
  • The gem outside is clickable. Repeated clicking leads to an SFX and minor effect.
  • One of the stones in the door frame is clickable.
  • The rectangular tile above the door can be clicked and repeated clicking will cause a luminiscent hieroglyphic pattern to appear on the floor.
  • The scarab beetle at the keystone of the arch is also clickable. Repeated clicking will make it glow. Even more clicking will animate it cause its carapace to open a glowy wings to pop out.
Bottom Left
  • Clicking each toe on the bottom left will emit a sound much like a keyboard.
  • Clicking each of the gems on the two feet will change the tone preset used on the toe-keyboard. There are 3 presets in all.
  • The two rocks within the right foot can be clicked. Repeated clicking will lead to them breaking apart.
  • The bottom left is the main attraction of the battlefield as it has a secret much like Un'goro's volcano and the fanfare in Rastakhan's rumble. The effect here is to trigger the League of Explorers theme tune.
  • To activate the theme, first change the tone preset by clicking the two gems twice. This should change it to a blaring fanfare-like organ preset. Click a toe on each foot to confirm.
  • Once that is done, press the following toes to trigger the theme tune: 4-4-6 1-2-2-6 2-4 6-6 10-10-8.
Bottom Right
  • The blue window/pedestal on the bottom right of the battlefield can be repeatedly rattled to release a glow.
  • The statue's anklet can be jangled.
  • Click parts of the statue's head will move it.
  • Repeatedly clicking the jewel atop its head will shatter it and cause the statue's eyes to glow momentarily.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211517).png

Uldum City[]

Battlefield - Saviors of Uldum2.jpg

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • Clicking on the brazier of coals will set the coals alight. Repeated clicking will cause the fire to flare.
  • Clicking the arms of the giant statue will raise or lower the brazier.
  • Clicking the statue's head will cause it to blow out the brazier if it is lit and raised. Otherwise, the statue will shake its head.
Top Right
  • The door can be opened, revealing glowing blue eyes and playing the sound of Micro Mummy.
  • Clicking the tablets under each pillar causes the roofs above to glow blue.
  • The gem will glow red. Clicking it repeatedly shatters it, revealing a blue slot underneath. Clicking the slot causes a blue glow similar to that of the roofs.
Bottom Left
  • The watermill can be spun.
  • All of the cattails can be destroyed, but will regrow over time.
  • The boat can be shaken.
Bottom Right
  • The floating crystal will spin. Clicking it enough makes it shoot a laser.
  • Tablets on top of the arch can be pressed to spin the crystal.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211522).png



Battlefield - Descent of Dragons.jpg


Main article: Descent of Dragons#Lore

Descent of Dragons is set in Dragonblight where the League of E.V.I.L. is plotting to resurrect Galakrond.

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • The flap on the tent can be opened and closed.
  • The bone on the tent's front makes a thunking noise.
  • The top of the barrel can be broken, revealing fruit inside. Apples or pears usually.
  • The trees can be rustled.
Top Right
  • The potion will gleam if clicked, and the lid will eventually pop off and land back on it.
  • Clicking the balloon shakes the entire zeppelin.
  • Clicking on the flap on the zeppelin enough will reveal a cannon. Clicking the cannon will fire a cannonball, knocking the top of the pillar on the bottom right area off. Cannonballs can continue to be fired, but will harmlessly fly past the ground. The cannon disappears after each shot and reappears automatically after 12 seconds.
  • After knocking the top of the pillar off, the next section can be destroyed if clicked on enough.
  • The bones will produce a hollow thud.
Bottom Left
  • The tools can be shaken.
Bottom Right
  • The snow can be cleared from the bush, side of the pillar, and top of the pillar.
  • The bush will be rustled when clicked.
  • Debris will fall out of the crack in the pillar (if it is not damaged).
  • If the top plate of the pillar is broken off by a cannonball, its middle section can be destroyed.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211518).png



Battlefield - Ashes of Outland.jpg


Main article: Ashes of Outland#Lore

Ashes of Outland is set in Outland, the ruined homeworld of the orcs which Illidan Stormrage and his Illidari have made their base of operations.

Bonus features[]

Journal.pngPlease add any available information to this section.
Top Left
  • One of the boards on the Zangarmarsh bridge can be broken.
  • The Zangarmarsh mushrooms can emit spores.
  • The lily pad closest to the edge of the board will be eaten by a fish. No other lily pads have animations.
Top Right
  • Clicking on the Dark Portal shoots energy.
  • Clicking on the statues next to the Dark Portal illuminates their faces.
  • The floating rocks can be knocked around.
Bottom Left
  • Various pieces of the fel reaver emit green energy and fumes.
  • The helmet's visor lights up if clicked several times.
  • The spike on the left emits a green lightning.
Bottom Right
  • The broken-looking spike can be crumbled.
  • The right crystal on the shrine can be crumbled too.
  • The floor before the shrine can be lit with blue.
  • The thorns will retreat then regrow when clicked enough, similar to the thorns in Orgrimmar.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211519).png



Battlefield - Scholomance Academy.jpg

Bonus features[]

Journal.pngPlease add any available information to this section.
Top Left
  • The doors can be opened
  • The window can be broken
  • The scrolls, torches and the book move when clicked.
Top Right
  • The 'S' can be knocked off its hinges. It will then spin in a circle if clicked further times.
  • The right statue will crumble when clicked.
  • The left statue will be struck by lightning, leaving a scorch mark where it used to be.
Bottom Left
  • Clicking the bottom of the stairs will fire purple energy upwards.
  • The small door on the right of the staircase will be illuminated until clicked again.
  • The candles can be lit.
  • Secret under the stairway:
    • Click the door on the right once.
    • Click twice on the second step, once on the first, then the third.
    • The stairway will fall into the shaft, and a big purple fountain will emerge.
    • The stairway reappears after a few seconds.
Bottom Right
  • The posters can be changed.
  • The suitcase can be flung open, revealing packed clothes.
  • The satchel can be moved.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(211520).png


Darkmoon Faire[]

Battlefield - Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.jpg

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • Clicking the posts shakes them around. Doing it enough snaps the fence.
  • The mug and barrel can be jostled.
  • Clicking the Horde symbol causes a roller-coaster cart to whip across the track.
Top Right
  • The lights on the side and across the Darkmoon logo can be broken.
  • The balloons can be bopped.
  • Clicking the eye makes it recoil. Doing it rapidly causes a roller-coaster cart to randomly cross the track above, the track on the bottom-left corner, or burst out of the hatch on the bottom right.
    • The hatch can only be broken once, at which point the roller-coaster will no longer appear in that section.
Bottom Left
  • The eyeball and tentacles can be poked at.
  • All of the hanging lights can be shattered individually.
Bottom Right
  • While the hatch is closed, it can be shaken but not opened.
    • Once it's been opened, it can no longer be interacted with.
  • The whack-a-gnoll dummy can be hit.
  • The flag can be rustled.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(389270).png
Transfer Student(389271).png


The Barrens[]

Battlefield - Forged in the Barrens.jpg

Bonus features[]

Top Left
  • Both the foremast and the mainmast can be wiggled then broken.
  • The ship can be pushed a bit, after a bunch of clicks a cannon ball launches at the back of the ship, nearly destroying it.
Top Right
  • The pot can be broken.
  • The totem can be wiggled, emitting a green flame every 6-7-8 clicks.
  • All the drums make a different sound.
  • Clicking all the drums turns the light in the tent on accompanied by a crowd sound.
  • Clicking on the entrance of the tent turns the light off.
Bottom Left
  • Clicking the shaft of the wagon rotates it and the front wheel a bit.
  • Clicking on the skull breaks the wagon a bit.
  • Clicking on the wheels wiggles them, eventually breaking them.
  • The top of the box breaks revealing coins, fruits, or gems inside.
Bottom Right
  • The barrel can be wiggled and its top broken.
  • The pipe can be wiggled, then broken.
  • The furnace top can be wiggled and then broken.

Transfer Student[]

Transfer Student(464524).png


Special battlefields[]

The following battlefields are available during special events such as the Winter Veil seasonal event held between December and January each year. During this time they replace the standard versions of these battlefields.

Orgrimmar (Winter Veil)[]

For the normal version, see #Orgrimmar.
Battlefield - Winter Veil Orgrimmar.jpg

Changes include:

  • Snow has been added liberally around the battlefield
  • The zeppelin now sports a large bow, bells, greenery and ribbons
  • The blacksmith has a sack of gifts on its roof, and bulbs on the points of the building
  • Two stockings have been hung at the sides of the portcullis, and a kind of garland around the gate with a large snowflake at at the top
  • The catapult has acquired a "Rudolph" red nose and what appear to be crude wooden reindeer antlers, and now fires snowballs instead of rocks

Stormwind (Winter Veil)[]

For the normal version, see #Stormwind.
Battlefield - Winter Veil Stormwind.jpg

Changes include:

  • Snow has been added liberally around the battlefield
  • The gryphon now has a red "Rudolph" nose and antlers
  • Presents are heaped near the gryphon, and tracks can be seen in the nearby snow
  • A wreath has been hung on the clock tower
  • A Christmas tree stands near the cathedral, and a bow is on the lamp
  • Bright lights have been strung up along the front of the inn, and a snowman has been built outside

Stranglethorn (Year of the Mammoth)[]

For the normal version, see #Stranglethorn.
Battlefield - Stranglethorn (Year of the Mammoth).png

This battlefield was used during the launch event for the Year of the Mammoth and its first new set, Journey to Un'Goro.

Changes include:

  • It appears to have no interactive features.
  • The lighting is much darker than usual to highlight the glow from the lights.
  • Outside the map, you can see a scroll with a mammoth symbol on it.
  • This battlefield could be seen during livestreams from events in the Bahamas.


Patch changes[]

  • Journey to Un'Goro logo.png Patch (2017-06-01) Some game boards will become exclusive to Wild, and recently released boards will become more common in Wild matches.
  • Journey to Un'Goro logo.png Patch (2017-04-04): The Un'Goro battlefield has been added.
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan logo.png Patch (2016-11-29):
    • The Gadgetzan battlefield has been added.
    • When the target dummy on the Grand Tournament battlefield is struck, it will now occasionally spin off the battlefield, sometimes returning, sometimes not. [Presumed patch, first documented Jan 18]
  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2.png Patch (2016-08-09): The Karazhan battlefield has been added.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo.png Patch (2016-04-24): The Whispers of the Old Gods battlefield has been added to the rotation.
  • The League of Explorers logo.png Patch (2015-11-10): Two new battlefields have been added to accompany The League of Explorers.
  • The Grand Tournament logo.png Patch (2015-09-29): The screw in the Goblins vs Gnomes battlefield can now be screwed into the nearby screw hole.[33][34]
  • The Grand Tournament logo.png Patch (2015-08-18): The Grand Tournament battlefield has been added, but is currently only available in the Grand Tournament Match Tavern Brawl. [Battlefield made available in regular play August 24.]
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-06-15): The Blackrock Mountain battlefield has been added to the main rotation.[35]
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-03-31):
    • Games played on the Naxxramas battlefield now play music from the Curse of Naxxramas adventure.
    • Undocumented: In the garden in the bottom right corner of the Pandaria battlefield, players now have a very rare chance to grow a golden version of one of the vegetables.
  • Goblins vs Gnomes logo.png Patch (2014-12-04): An all-new interactive Goblins vs Gnomes-themed game board has been added. Turn the gears, wind the springs, and try not to blow anything up in the process. We warned you.
  • Hotfix (2014-10-01): The Naxxramas game board has been added to the game board rotation in Play and Arena mode.
  • Patch (2014-03-11): Some changes have been made to battlefield visuals and interactive features.
    • The countdown fuse's graphic has been updated.
    • Stormwind
      • The lamp and the inn's lights are now brighter
      • The inn door is no longer so thoroughly illuminated
      • The plant in the top-right corner is no longer clickable, and instead now waves in the wind
    • Pandaria
      • The boot occasionally found when growing crops now more obviously resembles a boot
    • Orgrimmar
      • The catapult now makes a louder clunk when it is fully sprung
  • Patch (2013-12-10): Some sound effects for the battlefields' interactive features have been changed, added or switched.
    • Breaking the vines on the Stranglethorn map no longer triggers the sound of drums; this is now triggered by causing the gem to break


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