Baduu, Outcast
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Baduu, Outcast
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Golden Baduu, Outcast
Battlecry: Destroy an enemy minion. Outcast: Gain Stealth and Poisonous.
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Baduu, Outcast is a boss minion card that can be used by player in Trial by Felfire.

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Baduu is unique to Hearthstone. She is a Broken draenei who joined Aranna Starseeker and her team of outcasts to combat the Rusted Legion after saving them from Kanrethad Prime.

She travelled with her allies until reaching the Black Temple, guarded by Mother Shahraz. Baduu distrusted Illidan Stormrage due to him being part demon and left the group, but was later captured off-screen and forcibly augmented by the Rusted Legion. She reappeared as Baduu Prime, as her former allies fight to free her of her twisted state. When she is defeated, she encourages them with her dying words.


  • In an early datamine for the Trial by Felfire adventure, Baduu was originally a 3-mana 2/5 who read "Battlecry: Draw 2 cards. Outcast: Instead, draw 3 cards."[1]

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