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Auto-Attack is a minion ability currently found only on certain boss and Tavern Brawl minions.

Minions with Auto-Attack cannot be commanded to attack, but will automatically activate a special (usually damaging) effect at the end of each turn. Auto-Attack effects can cause minions to "attack" in a way not normally allowed by the game rules, and are not true attacks in the same sense as attacks ordered by players.

Introduced with One Night in Karazhan, the ability is notably featured in the Chess encounter, and subsequent A Friendly Game of Chess Brawl. Chess-related Auto-Attack is a positional effect, and does not cause the minions to take retaliatory damage from the auto-attack.

The ability was later featured in a new form in the Tavern Brawls Encounter at the Crossroads (March 2017 edition) and A Mammoth of a New Year, on the Party Crasher minion. This Auto-Attack ability always causes an attack against the opposing hero at the end of the turn, even if protected by Taunt.


  • Chess minions with Auto-Attack cannot be commanded to attack. Instead, they deal damage automatically at the end of the owner's turn to those of the opponent's minions across from them.
    • Despite the ability's name, some, such as White Bishop do not attack at all, but rather restore Health. These do not follow the usual rules for targeting, but directly follow their card text.
  • If one player has an odd number of minions and the other player has an even number, chess Auto-Attack minions will deal damage to both minions "diagonally" across from them. A minion on the edge of the line may only have one minion diagonally across from it.
  • If a chess Auto-Attack minion has no minions directly or diagonally across from it, it will deal damage to the enemy hero.
  • As with all end-of-turn triggered effects, minions which have taken fatal damage will not be removed until all pieces have completed their auto-attacks.
  • Auto-Attack does not count as an end-of-turn effect for the purposes of cards that interact with end-of-turn effects, such as Drakkari Enchanter.
  • Granting Windfury to a minion with Auto-Attack will have no effect on their Auto-Attack.
  • Some playable minions have abilities similar to Auto-Attack, such as Ragnaros the Firelord.


Below are all current boss cards with the Auto-Attack ability.

Black Pawn(42242).png
Heavy Cannon(184861).png
White Pawn(42243).png
Black Bishop(42247).png
Black Rook(42244).png
Bomb Flinger(184865).png
Rocket Launcher(184862).png
White Bishop(42246).png
White Rook(42245).png
Death Ray Mk II(184875).png
Missile Pod(184864).png
Upgraded Cannon(184866).png
Black Queen(42251).png
White Queen(42250).png

Below are all current Tavern Brawl cards with the Auto-Attack ability.

Party Crasher(52614).png