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Attack is how much damage a card can do. It is represented with a number in a card´s lower left zone, over the attack icon.

Application of Attack

A card´s attack is applied by subtracting it over the objective card´s health. However, if the objective card has armor, the armor´s value must be added to the health when dealing damage. Also remember that when a card with both attack and health (unlike spells), both the attacker and the defender cards exchange damage.

Ancient Brewmaster to Gelbin Mekkatorque: 6 health - 5 attack = 1 health ->Alive
Gelbin Mekkatorque to Ancient Brewmaster: 4 health - 6 attack = -2 health ->Destroyed

Cards that lower attack

To date only one card lowers the attack of any minions on the board (Paladin icon Paladin):


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