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Astral Communion
2785 • AT_043
AT 043.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
AT 043 Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:The Grand TournamentThe Grand Tournament
Spell school:Arcane
Cost:4 Mana icon.png
Artist:Christopher Moeller
Gain 10 Mana Crystals. Discard your hand.
Flavor text

Hey! Moon! Can I have some mana crystals?

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Discard, Generate
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Mana-related, Spell-generating
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For the event version of this card, see Astral Communion (Event).

Astral Communion is an epic druid spell card, from the Grand Tournament set.

How to get[]

Auto-detected sources
Card packs
The Grand Tournament Pack
Wild Pack
Regular, Golden1~2
Crafting400 dustdustRegular1
Crafting1600 dustdustGolden1

Generated cards[]

This spell will generate an Excess Mana card if played when it would otherwise provide no useful effect (for example when the player already has 10 Mana Crystals).

Excess Mana


  • This spell has two steps, carried out in the following order despite the card text:
  • First, it discards the casting player's hand, queuing and resolving triggers;
  • Then, although not stated in the card's text, this spell has the following effect:
  • If, after paying this card's Cost, the casting player has 10 available and/or maximum mana, this card will generate an Excess Mana card in the player's hand.[1][2]
Example. If the player has 5 available mana but 10 maximum mana, casting Astral Communion will discard their hand and then generate an Excess Mana card, leaving th player with only 1 available mana.[3]
Example. If on turn 8 a player with 8 full Mana Crystals casts 2 Innervate followed by an Astral Communion with mana cost reduced to 0 by Emperor Thaurissan, after discarding their hand Astral Communion will generate an Excess Mana card, since when the spell takes effect the player already has 10 available mana.
  • Otherwise, it will give 10 filled Mana Crystals to the casting player, setting the mana counter to 10/10 and replacing any temporary, empty or Overloaded Mana Crystals.[4][5]
  • Astral Communion will no longer be offered for selection in Arena, since the 15th of September 2016.[6] However, it is still obtainable in Arena matches through random effects, such as Spellslinger.


10 Mana Crystals are not going to be useful if you do not have any cards to play. Playing Astral Communion followed by triggering e.g. Acolyte of Pain, Cult Master or trading the Loot Hoarder you already have on the board is going to draw some cards. Astral Communion also triggers Gadgetzan Auctioneer. It is obviously best to empty your hand of any valuable cards before playing Astral Communion. If you add Maiden of the Lake and Justicar Trueheart into the mix, the combination is extremely powerful - and extremely unlikely.

Aim to get this in your starting hand with Innervates and The Coin, for a turn one play to get 10 mana. After that you can follow up with big minions and card draw to ramp your game in one or two moves, although this combo is very unlikely and will hardly see play.

While building a deck with Astral Communion can tempt including a lot of high-cost cards, a good idea would be to build a deck that can still keep up in case you don't pull this card early enough or if you're not willing to lose the cards in your hand. Making the right decision between playing Astral Communion or not can be a game-deciding factor.

Since playing this card will always result in having 10 mana to spend, it is probably wise to spend any spare mana available beforehand on playing as many cards as possible, and save Hero Power usage until after Astral Communion.

The negative effects can be negated through heavy card draws such as Octosari, Ultimate Infestation, or Overflow.


In World of Warcraft, Astral Communion is a Balance druid ability available at level 20.



Astral Communion, full art

Patch changes[]


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