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Area of effect (AoE) is the term for an effect which affects all characters of the specified type. Common targets for AoEs include all enemy minions, all minions, and all characters.

AoE is defined in contrast to 'single-target' and 'multiple target'. While AoEs may affect multiple targets, they have no limit to the number of targets affected, and their targets are determined by the nature of the AoE (e.g., "all minions") rather than by selecting a set number of individual targets. Positional effects function as limited-area AoEs, but in game terms are multiple target effects. AoEs are distinguished from multi-targets spells such as LegacyArcane Missiles and LegacyCleave, which are essentially multiple single-target effects.

The term AoE refers solely to the effect's target and does not describe its actual outcome. The most common types of AoE are healing and damage-dealing spells.


  • AoEs affect all valid targets simultaneously. However, triggers resulting from each character affected are still applied one at a time, in the order the minions were played.
  • AoEs affect all targets before any related triggers are activated. For example a LegacyCircle of Healing will heal all minions before any Northshire Clerics will begin to activate.


The effect of an AoE on a given target is not diminished by the presence of more targets. This means that AoEs are generally more valuable the more valid targets are in play, since the AoE takes full effect on all of them. Damage-dealing AoEs can be very effective for tackling large groups of minions. AoEs tend to be most effective against large groups of weak minions, and least effective against small numbers of powerful minions.

AoEs can be very useful for dealing damage to targets with Stealth. Although stealthed minions cannot be targeted directly, AoEs will still affect them. Mage is a class with strong AoE damage abilities, but all classes have some form of AoE available.


Below is a breakdown of the many types of AoE.

*Cards like Baron Geddon and Brawl exclude one minion from the effect, but hit all other targets as described. Ysera Awakens and Dread Infernal are two other examples of this type of targeting. Minions such as Stormwind Champion that provide ongoing AoE buffs similarly exclude themselves from the effect.

**Cards like Holy Nova, Blizzard, Fatespinner, and Breath of the Infinite have combined or alternate effects and thus falls into multiple categories.


For Wild format listings, see Area of effect/Wild format

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SW 460.png
SW 023.png
SW 422b.png
BAR 910.png
CORE CFM 120.png
AV 324.png
SW 012.png
SW 441.png
SW 422.png
TSC 927t.png
CORE EX1 400.png
SW 046.png
AV 294.png
SW 437.png
BAR 314.png
BAR 314t.png
BAR 314t2.png
CORE NEW1 021.png
CORE EX1 619.png
CORE GVG 076.png
CORE EX1 610.png
AV 661.png
BAR 860.png
AV 660.png
AV 113t1.png
ONY 014.png
AV 258pt4.png
CORE KAR 073.png
DED 518.png
CORE EX1 160.png
BAR 306.png
TSC 039t.png
TSC 056.png
AV 258p2.png
CORE NEW1 020.png
TSC 923.png
AV 126.png
CORE EX1 103.png
WC 701.png
AV 292.png
TID 085.png
TID 002.png
CORE EX1 259.png
CORE EX1 507.png
BAR 041.png
UPCOMING 76982.png
TSC 002.png
ONY 005ta13.png
CORE CS2 122.png
WC 032.png
WC 041.png
TSC 926.png
CORE NEW1 027.png
AV 664.png
SW 459.png
TSC 913t.png
CORE AT 075.png
BAR 078.png
CORE CS2 093.png
BAR 075.png
BAR 750.png
SW 107.png
TSC 610.png
CORE CS2 062.png
CORE CS1 112.png
CORE GIL 650.png
ONY 026.png
BAR 534.png
BAR 845.png
CORE EX1 197.png
CORE EX1 158.png
BAR 911.png
AV 317.png
BAR 748.png
BAR 840.png
AV 293.png
BAR 735.png
WC 014.png
BAR 073.png
AV 129.png
CORE CS2 046.png
CORE EX1 407.png
CORE BT 235.png
AV 281.png
AV 313.png
TID 709t2.png
SW 086.png
AV 222.png
TID 703.png
ONY 005tb4.png
TSC 924.png
CORE CS2 028.png
AV 316.png
SW 089.png
CORE GVG 008.png
BAR 310.png
CORE GIL 124.png
ONY 005tc7.png
AV 255.png
AV 325.png
CORE CFM 751.png
CORE EX1 249.png
CORE BT 271.png
CORE CS2 032.png
AV 218.png
DED 006.png
BAR 334.png
TSC 064.png
CORE CS2 222.png
AV 340.png
AV 258.png
CORE EX1 573.png
TSC 029.png
TSC 962.png
AV 206.png
BAR 547.png
CORE UNG 848.png
AV 203.png
CORE EX1 312.png
TSC 209.png
AV 108.png
ONY 005tc2.png