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Archivist Oshi
53562 • DALA_BOSS_09h
DALA BOSS 09h.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
DALA BOSS 09h Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:Rise of ShadowsRise of Shadows
Health:30 Health
Artist:Dan Scott
Those who forget history are doomed to resummon it.
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

Archivist Oshi is a boss that can be encountered in Chapter 5 of The Dalaran Heist adventure.

Hero Power[]

Normal Heroic
Repeat History
Repeat History


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

These decks correspond only to level 6. If this boss is encountered on levels 4-5, her deck will be missing 5 random cards.

Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Priest The Grand TournamentFlash Heal 2 Priest LegacyShadow Word: Pain 1
LegacyHoly Smite 2 Knights of the Frozen ThroneSpirit Lash 2
Goblins vs GnomesLight of the Naaru 2 Kobolds & CatacombsGilded Gargoyle 2
Journey to Un'GoroRadiant Elemental 2 LegacyShadow Word: Death 1
Blackrock MountainResurrect 2 Journey to Un'GoroTortollan Shellraiser 2
Knights of the Frozen ThroneSpirit Lash 2 Rastakhan's RumbleMass Hysteria 1
Journey to Un'GoroMirage Caller 2 The WitchwoodCoffin Crasher 2
The Grand TournamentHoly Champion 2 Goblins vs GnomesLightbomb 1
LegacyLightspawn 2 Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadow Essence 2
One Night in KarazhanOnyx Bishop 2 Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Diamond Spellstone 1
Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Diamond Spellstone 1 Knights of the Frozen ThroneObsidian Statue 2
LegacyProphet Velen 1 Neutral The Grand TournamentInjured Kvaldir 2
Knights of the Frozen ThroneObsidian Statue 2 LegacyInjured Blademaster 2
Neutral LegacyLightwarden 2 Knights of the Frozen ThroneVryghoul 2
Mean Streets of GadgetzanMistress of Mixtures 2 NaxxramasFeugen 1
LegacyMalygos 1 Knights of the Frozen ThroneSkelemancer 2
LegacyYsera 1 NaxxramasStalagg 1
LegacySylvanas Windrunner 1
Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder 1
Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King 1


With a hero power which gives her constant minions, you will need to counter whatever she throws at you. With cards that can heal and cards that give board control, you will have no choice but to keep up with her.


Before match

Arch-Villain Rafaam
Ah, Dalaran's archivist. Keeping alive the memories of the dead.


Archivist Oshi
Intruders? Here? That's a first.
Oh, I've read about you. You're awful. (vs. Rise of ShadowsTekahn)
A tragic hero. This does not end well. For anyone. (vs. Rise of ShadowsGeorge the Fallen)
Look at this STUFF TO BURN!

Emote Response

Archivist Oshi
I've heard that one before.

Hero Power

Archivist Oshi
Resurrection of 0-7 mana minions
Ah, yes. And so it goes.
Have you already forgotten?
History repeats itself.
The cycle continues.
Resurrection of 8+ mana minions
I've read tales of this one.
So quick we are to forget.


Archivist Oshi
I could have sworn I've read about this before...
Why does this all seem so familiar...
Chronicles of evil, Vol 3? No...

Boss' minion for 7+ mana

Archivist Oshi
History will remember the tales of this one.

Player's cards

Archivist Oshi
Rise of ShadowsContinuum Collider
Playing with time is dangerous. Be careful.
Journey to Un'GoroTime Warp
Perhaps time is not so predictable.
A shame he was tainted by the dark.


Archivist Oshi
Not... again... (moans)


Archivist Oshi
This seems... familiar.


Archivist Oshi is unique to Hearthstone.


Archivist Oshi, full art

Patch changes[]