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Arcane Blast
Arcane Blast
Golden Arcane Blast
Set:The Grand TournamentThe Grand Tournament
Spell school:Arcane
Cost:1 Mana icon.png
Abilities:Deal damage
Wiki tags:Spell Damage-related, Targeted
Artist:Gabor Szikszai
Deal 2 damage to a minion. This spell gets double bonus from Spell Damage.
Flavor text

Now with 100% more blast!

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For the removed card, see Arcane Blast (removed).

Arcane Blast is an epic mage spell card, from the Grand Tournament set.

How to get[]

Arcane Blast can be obtained through The Grand Tournament card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Arcane Blast 400 100
Golden Arcane Blast 1600 400


  • This card deals damage equal to 2 + (Spell Damage bonus x 2). For example, with Spell Damage + 1 this card will deal (2 + (1 x 2)) = 4 damage; with Spell Damage +5 it will deal (2 + (5 x 2)) = 12 damage.
  • Additive bonuses like Spell Damage are counted before multiplicative ones like Prophet Velen: thus, for example, with Spell Damage +3 and a Prophet Velen in play, this spell will deal (2 + ((3 x 2) x 2)) = 14 damage.


This card synergises very well with cards that have or give Spell Damage, like Malygos and Ancient Mage. Even without Spell Damage synergy, it is essentially identical to Arcane Shot (although it's unable to target the enemy hero), making it an effective removal for weak minions.


"Each blast of arcane power strikes its target more quickly than the last."

Arcane Blast is an arcane mage ability from World of Warcraft. In WoW, each successive blast deals more damage than the last. This is likely represented by the card's effect; scaling its damage faster than other spells.


  • This card and Master of Ceremonies were the first Spell Damage-synergy cards to be added to the game.
  • Another card of the same name was removed during the game's alpha, some time prior to June 2013. The former Arcane Blast was a 1 mana mage spell with the text "Deal 1 damage. Draw a card."


Arcane Blast, full art

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