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Set: Ashes of Outland - SVG logo.svg Ashes of Outland
Spell school:Holy
Class: Priest icon.png Priest
Rarity: Common.png Common
Cost:3 Mana icon.png
Abilities:Increment attribute
Wiki tags:Lifesteal-granting, Targeted
Artist:Eva Widermann
Give a minion +1/+2 and Lifesteal.
Flavor text

Defined as the absolute pinnacle of existence. Plus Lifesteal.

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Apotheosis is a common priest spell card, from the Ashes of Outland set.

How to get

Apotheosis can be obtained by:
  • Opening card packs
    Ashes of Outland - Card pack.png
    Ashes of Outland Pack
    Standard - Card pack.png
    Standard Pack
    Year of the Phoenix - Card pack.png
    Year of the Phoenix Pack
    Priest - Card pack.png
    Priest Pack
    Standard - Golden pack.png
    Golden Standard Pack
  • Crafting regular version for 40 Dust icon.png dust
  • Crafting golden version for 400 Dust icon.png dust
  • Completing an Arena or Heroic Duels run


The 1/2 buff is under par for a 3 mana spell, so the main benefit is granting a minion Lifesteal. On a sizable enough target, Apotheosis can restore a large amount of health in a single turn, while also keeping a Lifesteal minion in play.

This spell can be cast on Imprisoned Homunculus on curve, creating a powerful Lifesteal Taunt on turn 3.


Apotheosis is a Holy priest talent that allows the user to enter an angelic form, empowering their Holy Word abilities.

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