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An Angry Treant
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:30 Health
Artist:Chris Seaman
Things with Guff start off a bit rough.
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
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The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

An Angry Treant is the first boss in Guff's Book of Mercenaries chapter.

Hero Power[]

Nature's Grasp(73342).png
Summoned minions

Player's hero[]

Guff's Buffs(73331).png

Special cards[]




Thunder Bluff(73351).png
Guff Trips(73356).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

An Angry Treant Guff
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity


Lightning Bloom 2 Boss Guff Trips 2
Runic Carvings 1 Druid Enchanted Raven 2
Druid Treenforcements 2 Living Seed (Rank 1) 2
Fungal Fortunes 2 Thorngrowth Sentries 2
Landscaping 2 Blessing of the Ancients 2
Wild Growth 2 Healing Touch 2
Soul of the Forest 1 Landscaping 2
Aeroponics 1 Oaken Summons 2
Arbor Up 1 Pride's Fury 2
Force of Nature 2 Savage Combatant 2
Greybough 1 Swipe 2
Goru the Mightree 1 Starfall 2
The Forest's Aid 1 Druid of the Plains 2
Druid, Shaman Runic Carvings 2
Neutral Plated Beetle 2



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Before match

Hamuul Runetotem
▶️I am Hamuul Runetotem, Archdruid of Thunder Bluff. I call you, brave adventurers, to seek out the oases that have appeared in the Barrens and find the source of this new life.
▶️Um, Uncle Archdruid? Hi. Sorry to interrupt, but I, uh, summoned a bunch of treants and now we have a little problem.


▶️There's the big treant I summoned, Uncle! The one with the cute face.
An Angry Treant
<Ugly, evil snarls>

Emote Response

An Angry Treant
<Annoyed treant noises>

Hero Power

An Angry Treant
<Treant noises>


An Angry Treant
<Bored treant noises>

Turn 1

▶️I... kind of... summoned a whole bunch of treants and they were pretty mad and then they knocked over the great tent.
Hamuul Runetotem
▶️Oh, great-nephew... not again...

Turn 3

Hamuul Runetotem
▶️You have lost control of your treants. They are pummeling Thunder Bluff!

Turn 4

Hamuul Runetotem
▶️Protect our home! Stop those treants, at any cost.

Turn 5

Hamuul Runetotem
▶️Why can't you just stay in your home and not touch anything and not talk to anyone like we discussed?
▶️I wanted to prove that I'm a hero too!

Turn 7

Hamuul Runetotem
▶️The city is in shambles.
▶️I want to save this land, Uncle.
Hamuul Runetotem
▶️But who is going to save us from you?

Thunder Bluff is damaged

Hamuul Runetotem
▶️Guff... look what you've done!

Thunder Bluff is destroyed

Hamuul Runetotem
▶️That building contained priceless artifacts.
▶️How will we ever recover?


An Angry Treant
▶️I did it! I stopped the treant attack.
Hamuul Runetotem
▶️That you started. Guff, please, stay out of this business in the Barrens.


An Angry Treant
<Triumphant treant noises>


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Treants are powerful, ancient trees and more primitive forms of the wise Ancients that served under Cenarius in ages past. Treants resemble large moving trees with faces. Over time, treants also grow to be ancient protectors.
They are closely affiliated with druids, and are often seen accompanying powerful druids and keepers of the grove. Many treants were driven mad during the Third War. The destruction of the forests, as well as demonic corruption, has driven them to lash out at anyone that approaches.



An Angry Treant, full art

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