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The Heroes pane in the Shop

Alternate heroes are cosmetic 'skins' for existing classes. Each alternate hero belongs to a specific class, and provides an alternative to the default hero for that class. Alternate heroes are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay in any way, making use of the same Hero Power and class cards as the default hero for that class.[1][2]

Alternate heroes are currently available for all ten classes (with Demon Hunter — previously the last class without one — having received Aranna Starseeker as of the release of Felfire Festival bundle), with more planned for the future.[3]

Like the game's 10 original heroes, most alternate heroes are major characters from Warcraft lore (although some are original), and all come with their own portrait and emotes. In addition, alternate heroes bring special art for the 'hero tray' (the panelled area near the portrait), unique animations when using their Hero Power, and "entering the game" animations.[2]

Alternate heroes can be obtained through various means, from purchasing them with real money, to participating in special promotions. Some alternate heroes come with corresponding card backs.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

  • Alternate heroes are permanent additions to the game; once purchased or earned, a hero will not be removed at a later date.[4] Some heroes are available for purchase or reward only through time-limited promotions, but once a hero is unlocked, it can be used at any time.
  • Alternate heroes can be used in any game mode, including Play mode, Arena and Tavern Brawls.
  • Once purchased, players can select alternate heroes through the collection manager.[5] Similar to card backs, players can choose a default "favorite hero", as well as assigning a specific class-appropriate hero to each custom deck. Favorite heroes for each class will be used whenever playing a deck of that class, including Arena, unless another hero has been specifically assigned for that deck.[6][7]
  • Wins with alternate heroes will count toward the 500 wins count for that class.[8]
  • Alternate heroes are all animated, regardless of whether the golden hero for that class has been unlocked.[9] However, for technical reasons alternate heroes do not have golden tray or border art, even if the player has unlocked that class' golden hero.[10] Alternate heroes' Hero Powers do not have a golden border unless the player has unlocked the golden hero for that class, although they are always animated.[11][12] There is no option for non-golden or non-animated versions of alternate heroes.[13]
  • Alternate heroes have their own unique emotes, using the standard types (e.g., "Greetings", "Wow", "Well Played"). They may also have special, unique emotes; for example, Nemsy Necrofizzle has a special emote when playing Renounce Darkness.
  • Alternate heroes do not bring additional deck slots or battlefields.[14][15]
  • While Hero Powers will produce special animations when used by alternate heroes, there are no visual changes to class cards.[16][17]

How to get[edit | edit source]

Magni Bronzebeard, the game's first alternate hero

Different alternate heroes can be unlocked through different means. Some can be purchased with real money, while others can only be unlocked through participating in special promotions. Most are available on an ongoing basis, while others are only available for limited periods. However, once unlocked players can use alternate heroes at any time.

Prices[edit | edit source]

Those alternate heroes that can be purchased can be found in the Shop. These can only be purchased using real money; it is not possible to purchase them using gold.[18] All alternate heroes that require purchase are the same price, as listed below.[19]

$6.99 €6,99 £6,99 $12,99 R$17,00

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Like all in-game purchases, purchasing an alternate hero will only make it available for the region in which it was purchased.[20]
  • There is no option for players to 'gift' alternate heroes to friends.[21]

Release[edit | edit source]

Alternate hero release is often sporadic, but there are a few consistent features:

Heroes[edit | edit source]

All announced and previewed alternate heroes are listed below. For a list of heroes' unique card backs, see the Card backs section.

Alleria Windrunner(14694).png
Icon Hunter 64.png
Source: Purchase from the shop

Icon Mage 64.png
Source: Purchase from the shop

Magni Bronzebeard(14693).png
Icon Warrior 64.png
Source: Purchase from the shop

Lady Liadrin(31127).png
Icon Paladin 64.png
Source: Reach level 20 in World of Warcraft

Icon Mage 64.png
Source: Various promotions

Morgl the Oracle(35369).png
Icon Shaman 64.png
Source: Recruit A Friend

Tyrande Whisperwind(42261).png
Icon Priest 64.png
Source: Various promotions

Maiev Shadowsong(55649).png
Icon Rogue 64.png
Source: Win 10 Standard games during Year of the Mammoth

Prince Arthas(63011).png
Icon Paladin 64.png
Source: Defeat the Lich King with all nine classes

Nemsy Necrofizzle.png
Icon Warlock 64.png
Source: Participate in a Fireside Gathering

Icon Druid 64.png
Source: Win 10 Standard games during Year of the Raven

Icon Warlock 64.png
Source: Purchase The Boomsday Project Mega Bundle

Sir Annoy-O(90144).png
Icon Paladin 64.png
Source: Purchase the 2018 Hallow's End Special Bundle

King Rastakhan(53237).png
Icon Shaman 64.png
Source: Purchase the Rastakhan's Rumble Special Bundle

Madame Lazul(54816).png
Icon Priest 64.png
Source: Purchase the Rise of Shadows Mega Bundle

The Thunder King(55963).png
Icon Shaman 64.png
Source: Purchase the Master's Bundle

Elise Starseeker (hero).png
Icon Druid 64.png
Source: Purchase the Saviors of Uldum Mega Bundle

Icon Warrior 64.png
Source: Purchase the Descent of Dragons Mega Bundle

Sylvanas Windrunner (hero).png
Icon Hunter 64.png
Source: Purchasable during December 2019

Dame Hazelbark(151551).png
Icon Druid 64.png
Source: Purchase the 2019 Winter Veil Special Bundle

Lady Vashj (hero).png
Icon Shaman 64.png
Source: Purchase the Ashes of Outland Mega Bundle

Aranna Starseeker.png
Icon Demon Hunter 64.png
Demon Hunter
Source: Purchase the Felfire Festival Bundle

Icon Mage 64.png
Source: Purchase the Scholomance Academy Mega Bundle

Icon Warlock 64.png
Source: Purchase the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Mega Bundle

Icon Warrior 64.png
Source: Reach level 25 with a Tavern Pass during Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Characters that are available as alternate heroes can also be available as playable cards; for example, the alternate mage heroes Medivh and Khadgar are both available as minions (Medivh, the Guardian and Khadgar), and minions like Elise and Sylvanas were later made available as heroes.

Card backs[edit | edit source]

The acquisition of some alternate heroes also grants a unique card back, usable with any deck.[22]

Card back-Medivh.png
Purchasing Medivh

He certainly has a thing for crows and ravens.

Card back-Alleria.png
Purchasing Alleria Windrunner

When she wants to shoot an apple on your head, you don’t have to worry. Unless you’re an orc.

Card back-Magni.png
Purchasing Magni Bronzebeard

As the eldest of the three Bronzebeard brothers, Magni always got the coolest toys. He always shared, though!

Card back-Tyrande.png
Unlocking Tyrande Whisperwind

Every Midsummer's Eve, night elf children gather in the Temple of the Moon for Tyrande's amazing planetarium show, "By the Light of Elune."

Stolen Thunder
Card back-Stolen Thunder.png
Purchasing The Thunder King

The hardest part of stealing thunder is getting away with it quietly.

Banshee Queen
Card back-Banshee Queen.png
Purchasing Sylvanas Windrunner

The melody of a high elf lamentation plays, as though invoking a distant memory.

Dame Hazelbark
Card back-Dame Hazelbark.png
Purchasing Dame Hazelbark

Unlike the Ancient of War, she prefers the quiet of a friendly card game.

Wondrous Wisdomcard
Card back-Wondrous Wisdomcard.png
Unlocking Khadgar

You're expecting a bad joke here, but it's not in the cards!

Card back-Aranna.png
Purchasing Aranna Starseeker

If you want to take the demon by the horns, you'll have to get your own in the process.

History[edit | edit source]

In January 2014 it was stated that future developments might see alternate heroes for a given class.[23] It was suggested that alternate heroes may be available for real money, gold, or a mixture of both.[24] In November 2014 it was stated that the developers were "excited" about the feature, but were not yet ready to make any announcements.[25]

In June 2015 an Innkeeper's Journal blog was released apparently hinting at the introduction of a new warrior hero. An image in the blog depicted the silhouette of a figure, with the warrior class icon at the bottom, while the blog itself discussed the arrival of an "imposing, broad-shouldered figure", causing quite a stir in the tavern. A tweet from the official Hearthstone account stated "What this character lacks in height, he makes up for in ferocity! Can you guess his identity?"

Alternate heroes were officially revealed June 4, 2015, along with Magni Bronzebeard, the first alternate hero to be revealed. Alleria Windrunner and Medivh were next, teased on June 10, and revealed June 11 and 12. The feature went live with Patch on June 15, 2015, with Magni, Alleria and Medivh available for purchase.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alternate heroes use the same Hero Powers and Hero Power art as the standard heroes for that class. Ben Brode states that this is in order to "keep some measure of instant recognition", with alternate heroes already making it harder for players to tell what class they are playing against.[26]

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