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Alonsus Faol
Flavor text

The kindly Archbishop has called on your service as war rages across your homeland.

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Alonsus Faol is the first boss in Paladin's Book of Heroes adventure.

Hero Power[]

Holy Prayer(389419).png

Player's hero[]

Uther Lightbringer(389486).png
Lesser Heal(479).png

Special cards[]


Fight Trainer(389440).png


Tired Recruit(389472).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Alonsus Faol Uther Lightbringer
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Fight Trainer 7 Boss Tired Recruit 4
Priest Circle of Healing 2 Paladin, Priest Devout Pupil 2
Power Word: Shield 2 Priest Circle of Healing 2
Inner Fire 2 Holy Smite 2
Archbishop Benedictus 1 Northshire Cleric 2
Neutral Beaming Sidekick 2 Lightwell 2
Goldshire Footman 4 Shadow Word: Death 1
Potion Vendor 2 Shadow Word: Pain 2
Squire 2 Extra Arms 2
Shattered Sun Cleric 2 Holy Champion 2
Stormwind Knight 4 Holy Nova 2
Priest of the Feast 2
Holy Water 2
Initiation 1
Neutral Stormwind Knight 2



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Before match

Uther Lightbringer (present)
The Holy Light has always been a part of my life, illuminating everything in its radiance.
With this blessing, I have been able to endure even the darkest of moments. Let me show you...
As a lad, I was a cleric in the Church of the Holy Light. But my mentor already had plans for me...


Alonsus Faol
Uther, I must test your dedication to the Light.
Uther Lightbringer
Yes, Archbishop.

Emote Response

Alonsus Faol
You always make me smile, lad.

Hero Power

Alonsus Faol
Guided by grace.
Light grant me wisdom.
The Light is our strength.


Alonsus Faol
Sometimes I pray to the Light to see what awaits me, but there is only darkness.
Taking an apprentice has been so rewarding.
You can lose anything so long as you keep your faith.

Turn 2

Alonsus Faol
You have practiced for many years. Few others have been so diligent.
Uther Lightbringer
How else would I improve?

Turn 3

Uther Lightbringer
You seem worried, Archbishop.
Alonsus Faol
Stormwind has fallen to the orc Horde. It grieves me to see such times.

Turn 4

Alonsus Faol
The Alliance needs more than our faith. We must bolster our strength, or it will not survive.

Player's cards

Alonsus Faol
Holy Nova
You were chosen by the Light.
Holy Water
Magnificent, lad!


Alonsus Faol
To withstand this war, the church needs a new order of protectors: the paladins.
You shall be the first of them. I dub thee a Knight of the Silver Hand!
Uther becomes a paladin
Uther Lightbringer
This... is an honor beyond words. I will make you proud.


Alonsus Faol
Perhaps you are not ready yet, but I know that, one day, you will be.


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Alonsus Faol was the Archbishop of the Church of the Holy Light during the Second War. He organized the creation of paladins - knights who wielded the Light - to defend the Alliance of Lordaeron. His apprentice Uther became the first paladin and together they founded the Knights of the Silver Hand paladin order. Faol died at some point, and became an undead. During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, he joined the Conclave and helped in the fight against the demons, eventually attaining the title of Archbishop once more.


Alonsus Faol, full art

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