Alleria travels in forests whenever possible and prefers to strike from hiding — especially when attacking orcs, who she believes have no honor and therefore can be killed in any way she sees fit. In battle, she uses her great speed and mobility to weave in and out of the fight, taking pointblank shots with maximum efficiency. If forced into melee in a situation where she absolutely cannot fire her bow, she swings it as a quarterstaff. She wields no other weapons — Alleria's special composite bow was her father's, and she employs it exclusively.

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Alleria Windrunner is the alternate hero hunter for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The hunter focuses on direct damage and the use of beasts and secrets.

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  • She is purchasable from the in-game shop for $9.99 USD.
  • The Golden version is obtained after achieving 500 Ranked play wins as a hunter, regardless of hero used.

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New Hearthstone Hero Alleria Windrunner

New Hearthstone Hero Alleria Windrunner

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  • IconHearthstone (Patch will no longer use Lady Liadrin’s entrance animation when starting a game.