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Abominable Bowman
Deathrattle: Summon a random friendly Beast that died this game.
Flavor text

Frosty the Bowman... was an angry hateful soul... with a fresh hewn bow and a missing nose...

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Abominable Bowman is an epic hunter minion card, from the Knights of the Frozen Throne set.

How to get[]

Abominable Bowman can be obtained through Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Abominable Bowman 400 100
Golden Abominable Bowman 1600 400


This card has decent stats on it's own, so it can be played as a late-game card. However, it has potential to resurrect a powerful beast like Savannah Highmane or Swamp King Dred. But it has a drawback that the deathrattle is absolutely random, and many hunter beasts generate tokens like Alleycat, making this card unreliable.




Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Abominations are twisted, mutilated undead creatures comprised of multiple dead limbs and body parts from many different corpses. They are enormous warriors, scarred by loose stitchings and putrid, open sores. They love to carve flesh and tear their enemies apart. The slow-moving and dull-witted abominations constantly drip blood and smell like disease-ridden slaughterhouses. They carry large cleavers into combat and wield various sickle-bladed hooks on their disproportionate limbs.
Almost all abominations lack any real intelligence, having an I.Q. closest to that of an ogre on average. Abominations outwardly appear strangely joyful due to their absent-minded expressions and mannerisms, though this is most likely due to their low level of mental capacity. Like their undead cousins, abominations lust for flesh and are known to eat not only the living but the dead as well.
The abominations were created by Kel'Thuzad.

Notably, this card is the first known example of an abomination using a ranged weapon, or indeed any weaponry other than their iconic cleavers and meat hooks, as well as the first example of an abomination wearing clothing.


  • The name "Abominable Bowman" is a pun on the Abominable Snowman or Yeti, a large, ape-like creature from Nepalese folklore.


Abominable Bowman, full art

Abominable Bowman sketch

An abomination in World of Warcraft.

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