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A Witchy Recipe.png

"Hagatha is mixing up a special brew from her big book of cursed recipes! Choose a class and sample the latest deck recipe concoctions!"

A Witchy Recipe is a Tavern Brawl. It made its debut on April 25, 2018.


Tavern Brawl Start End Notes
150 April 25, 2018 April 29, 2018 Year of the Mammoth card back reward; otherwise, Classic pack


This Brawl sees players competing with pre-made decks, matching The Witchwood-themed Deck Recipes, with most built around a specific Odd/Even synergy (Paladin/Priest) or synergy with types (Druid/Hunter/Mage/Rogue/Shaman/Warlock/Warrior). Before each game the player chooses a class, which also determines their deck. At the beginning of each player's first turn, the recipe's flavor text is displayed to both players, providing an overview of the deck's contents and strategy.

Deck Recipes[]

The pre-made decks used in the Brawl match the Deck Recipes added with The Witchwood, as suggested to players when creating new decks.

  • Druid: Victory at Hand
    • "Take advantage of card effects that become more powerful with lots of cards in your hand. Overwhelm enemies with a constant stream of minions!"
  • Hunter: Dragons of the Swamp
    • "The denizens of the marsh love to be in the presence of death. Join their hunt and your opponents will fall prey to the monsters of the Witchwood!"
  • Mage: Book of Specters
    • "The Book of Specters contains tales of many monsters. None are more terrifying than the heartless Elementals, ready to devour any who cross their path."
  • Paladin: Greymane's Alliance
    • "Genn Greymane joins forces with the Silver Hand, using only even-Cost cards to purge Gilneas of the Witchwood's encroaching evils."
  • Priest: Moonlight Vigil
    • "Baku's presence infuses your Hero Power with moonlight in this deck of only odd-Cost cards. Keep your minions healthy, then empower them!"
  • Rogue: Ghostly Echoes
    • "The Witchwood is no place to travel alone... echoes of past tragedies linger in the air, threatening to drive mad any who overstay their welcome."
  • Shaman: Witchwood Awoken
    • "The Witchwood stirs, awoken by the magics of Hagatha herself! Build up powerful Battlecry effects, then repeat them with the horrifying Shudderwock."
  • Warlock: Witch's Bargain
    • "Discard your cards into the volatile Nether Portal. Tear open the rift and unlock a limitless legion of imps!"
  • Warrior: Rush In!
    • "Your minions are looking for a fight, and they know how to win! Punish your opponent's every move and smash your way to an overwhelming victory!"


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  • This brawl marks the first time in the history of the game that a Ranked card back has been made available again.