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A Scientific Recipe.png

"Dr. Boom has been experimenting with the very fabric of deck creation! Choose a class and marvel at the latest in deck recipe technology."

A Scientific Recipe is a Tavern Brawl. It made its debut on August 22, 2018.


Tavern Brawl Start End
167 August 22, 2018 August 27, 2018


This Brawl sees players competing with pre-made decks, matching The Boomsday Project-themed Deck Recipes, with most built around a specific Mech synergy (Hunter/Paladin/Warrior) or synergy with types (Druid/Mage/Rogue/Shaman/Warlock). Before each game the player chooses a class, which also determines their deck. At the beginning of each player's first turn, the recipe's flavor text is displayed to both players, providing an overview of the deck's contents and strategy.

Deck Recipes[]

The pre-made decks used in the Brawl match the Deck Recipes added with The Boomsday Project, as suggested to players when creating new decks.

  • Druid: Trees Are Friends
    • "Teach the trees to fight back! Cultivate an army of Treants that will tear asunder any who would dare loot and plunder."
  • Hunter: Flark's Fireworks
    • "Have a bomb? Want to attach another bomb, strap on some rockets, then watch everything explode? Then Boommaster Flark has a deck for you!"
  • Mage: Shooting Stars
    • "Mages have learned how to wield the very power of the stars. Combine Spell Damage with devastating effects to erase your enemies from existence!"
  • Paladin: Kangor's Endless Army
    • "Build a custom Mech army! Magnetic Mechs combine to create all new ways to smash your opponent."
  • Priest: Quest For Immortality
    • "Zerek, Master Cloner will conduct any experiment necessary to achieve immortality. Copy Deathrattle minions and discover the secret for yourself!"
  • Rogue: The Necrium Trials
    • "Myra Rotspring is studying the effects of Necrium and has nicknamed it "Artificial Death." Test subjects say it feels just like the real thing!"
  • Shaman: The Storm Bringer
    • "The Netherstorm is home to fearsome Elementals. Harness their power and bring destruction to your foes at lightning speed!"
  • Warlock: Demonology Lab
    • "The scientific field of study favored by Warlocks is all about experimenting on Demons and ghosts. Don't worry, they won't mind... probably."
  • Warrior: The Boomsday Project
    • "Dr. Boom's Mech factory is developin DEADLY technology. (Dr. Boom's Guarantee: Probably more deadly for your opponent!)"


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