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A Frozen Recipe.png

"The Lich King spends much of his time cooking in between destroying adventurers. Pick a class and try out some of his deck recipes!"

A Frozen Recipe is a Tavern Brawl. It made its debut on September 18, 2017.


Tavern Brawl Start End
118 September 13, 2017 September 18, 2017


This Brawl sees players competing with pre-made decks, matching Knights of the Frozen Throne-themed Deck Recipes, with most built around hero cards (Druid/Hunter/Mage/Priest/Rogue/Warrior) or synergy with types (Paladin/Shaman/Warlock). Before each game the player chooses a class, which also determines their deck. At the beginning of each player's first turn, the recipe's flavor text is displayed to both players, providing an overview of the deck's contents and strategy. All matches within this Brawl are played on the Knights of the Frozen Throne battlefield.

Deck Recipes[]

The pre-made decks used in the Brawl match the Deck Recipes added with Knights of the Frozen Throne, as suggested to players when creating new decks.

  • Druid: Pestilence
    • "Corrupt the wilds and disrupt the natural order! Control a swarm of poisonous spiders,scrabs , and big Taunt minions to whittle your opponent down and show them that none can withstand the might of the Scourge."
  • Hunter: The Eternal Hunt
    • "Deathstalker Rexxar commands a horde of Deathrattle minions. Send your minions to die and raise them from their graves. Finish off your foe by stitching together beasts and forming grotesque Zombeast."
  • Mage: Fire and Ice
    • "Frost Lich Jaina is summoning elementals to do her bidding and is adding a frosty touch. Mix the power of fiery and frosty elementals to burn and freeze your foes."
  • Paladin: Shields of the Light
    • "Take the fight to the Lich King and go offensive with your Divine Shield minions! Wield the power of the divine to bolster your minions and weapons in the fight against evil."
  • Priest: Shadowreaper's Revenge
    • "The Void shall burn you! Use the power of the Ligh to accumulate fuel with Lyra the Sunshard. Then unleash the dark power of Shadowreaper Anduin and your army of spell damage minions and spells."
  • Rogue: Jades of Death
  • Shaman: Remorseless Winter
    • "Control the elements of the frost and stop your opponent cold in their tracks. Freeze the blood in your enemies' veins and use ice to bolster your own minions!"
  • Warlock: Remorseless Sacrifice
    • "True power comes at a price. Sacrifice your own minions to feed your others and embrace the darkness of the San'layn."
  • Warrior: No Pain, No Gain
    • "Your minions are ready and willing to do your bidding and whatever it takes to succeeed. Deal damage to your own minions and finish the job as Scourgelord Garrosh, cleaving a path to victory with Shadowmourne."



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