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A Beautiful Oasis
56207 • ULDA_BOSS_62h
ULDA BOSS 62h.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
ULDA BOSS 62h Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:Saviors of UldumSaviors of Uldum
Health:30 Health
Artist:Zoltan Boros
Merciful shade. Fresh cool water. A perfectly balanced meta. Is it real?
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A Beautiful Oasis is a boss that can be encountered initially in Chapter 2 of Tombs of Terror. After completing Chapter 2, this boss encounter will be available in any completed chapter.

Hero Powers[]

Normal Heroic


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

These decks correspond only to level 6. If this boss is encountered on level 5, his deck will be missing 5 random cards.

Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Druid Saviors of UldumBEEEES!!! 2 Druid LegacyNaturalize 2
The Boomsday ProjectLandscaping 2 Saviors of UldumBEEEES!!! 2
Saviors of UldumGarden Gnome 2 Goblins vs GnomesGrove Tender 2
Saviors of UldumOasis Surger 2 The Grand TournamentMulch 2
Saviors of UldumOverflow 2 The WitchwoodForest Guide 2
Rise of ShadowsThe Forest's Aid 1 Saviors of UldumOasis Surger 2
LegacyCenarius 1 Saviors of UldumHidden Oasis 2
Hunter The League of ExplorersDesert Camel 2 Neutral Saviors of UldumFishflinger 2
Saviors of UldumSwarm of Locusts 2 LegacyColdlight Oracle 2
Goblins vs GnomesGahz'rilla 1 NaxxramasDancing Swords 2
Paladin Saviors of UldumSandwasp Queen 2 Rastakhan's RumbleDrakkari Trickster 2
Neutral Saviors of UldumFishflinger 2 LegacyKing Mukla 1
Saviors of UldumNeferset Ritualist 2 The WitchwoodTanglefur Mystic 2
LegacyRiver Crocolisk 2 Mean Streets of GadgetzanDaring Reporter 2
Saviors of UldumConjured Mirage 2 Rastakhan's RumbleGriftah 1
Saviors of UldumPit Crocolisk 2 NaxxramasLoatheb 1
Saviors of UldumColossus of the Moon 1 Rastakhan's RumbleMojomaster Zihi 1


  • Saviors of UldumMirage creates a copy of a random card in the player's hand ("illusion"). This effect lasts until the end of the player's turn.
  • If the player does not play any of the two copies of the illusion, a corrupted card will back to its usual form and none of the player's cards will be discarded.
  • The illusion can discard its second copy.
  • Only one random copy of the illusion discards a card. The other copy can be played as a normal card; however, it will cause the second illusion to disappear at the end of the turn.


This battle is one of the few ones that is easier on Heroic mode than in Normal. If the player's deck is not filled with high-cost cards, Saviors of UldumMirage won't be giving any advantage to the boss by forcing to play a card (like Galakrond's AwakeningChaos Gazer does), so it is possible to always easily play another card and ignore the corrupt ones.

In Normal mode Oasis' deck has a significant resemblance with Quest Druid and contains several cards of other classes for support and protection. Since it has two copies of Saviors of UldumBEEEES!!! and Saviors of UldumSwarm of Locusts, Saviors of UldumBand of Scarabs may play pretty well. In this case BEEEES!!! will mean the loss of 3 mana, and in the best case - activation of Saviors of UldumEternal Tomb. If Swarm of Locusts summons 7 minions, a Beautiful Oasis won't be able to play any other cards except Saviors of UldumOverflow, which doesn't cancel an easy victory (the exception is Saviors of UldumTwist - Plague of Madness). Saviors of UldumAlchemist's Stone and Saviors of UldumMap of Uldum will also perform well, allowing to minimize losses from Saviors of UldumMirage if the player's deck is heavy. Generally, it's advisable to keep the pressure and don't be afraid to completely swarm a board, keeping in mind the boss does not have AoE. This will allow not only to win quickly but also will prepare to Goblins vs GnomesGahz'rilla, LegacyCenarius and Saviors of UldumColossus of the Moon.

The Heroic deck of Beatutiful Oasis is a weak likeness of Mill Druid from 2014-2015 years. This deck does not allow the boss to win since he will constantly supply the player with resources. Cards received from the boss can be used both as a supplement to the boss damage and as a target for Saviors of UldumMirage, protecting more important cards. Due to its AI and the lack of cards for 1-2 mana without a negative effect, Oasis will very rarely conduct unpleasant combinations like LegacyKing Mukla + LegacyColdlight Oracle.

Since the heroic deck does not contain a lot of powerful cards and also lacks of AoE, playing all possible resources would not be a bad tactics.



A Beautiful Oasis
<Oasis sounds>
Reno Jackson
Something about this stinks. It stinks like something that doesn't exist.
Sir Finley
My gills are tingling. Something is not quite right...
Elise Starseeker
Something is not right here...
Brann Bronzebeard
Fresh water, peaceful scenery... this is a trap if ever I've seen one.

Emote Response

A Beautiful Oasis
<Mystical haunting wind>


A Beautiful Oasis
<Mystical vanishing sound>


A Beautiful Oasis
<Mystical haunting wind>


A Beautiful Oasis is original to Hearthstone. Perhaps the plague of madness destroyed the oasis and created a mirage. Or under plague's influence, the oasis tries to kill travelers and offers them a poisoned water.


A Beautiful Oasis, full art

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